October 4 2019

93,000 words in Starfall

Today, is Oct 4th. (Yeah I know you can see the date in the red box alongside this post).

I’m feeling as if I’m around the 85-90% mark in the story. So that means I should be getting close to be being done with the first draft. (Yippie!)

I started it at the end of January, so that is about 9.5 months ago.

Geez I’m slow.

Kids, job, wife, therapy, homework, stuff, things, CPS, running again, getting our roof replaced, cooking, blah, Union stuff, more blah… FORMATTING MY EFFING COMPUTER OVER AND OVER AGAIN BECAUSE LINUX SUCKS, moar blah…

You get the idea.


(Life is one of those colorful four-letter words that you aren’t supposed to use in public)


So… This all means that I’m feeling as if I should have been further along.


Still… I’m going to stick through it. I’ve not lost interest in this story. Yes, I’ve along the way, gotten newer story ideas but I’ve tried keeping those moments of inspiration to just a paragraph and left them to ferment in my possible “Next Story” staging area.


Getting back to the LINUX EFFING SUCKS topic. Since March-ish I’ve been installing various Linux distro’s, as I’m trying to learn how to use it, and within a few weeks of running each install, they would develop a peculiar bug where the session wouldn’t suspend properly. Yes, I know, first world problems. But honestly, I expect my computer to pick up right where I left off instead of having to reboot the damn thing every time and re-opening all the various apps I had up and running. I’m back on Ubuntu classic again. mxLinux, ZorinOS15, all you other guys, go suck a  big fat one you “Mother%^&boards”


Gee, look at the time.


Time to SUSPEND my laptop and pick up where I’m leaving off at lunch (thanks Ubuntu Classic) and post this page.


Tootles for now….

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