October 4 2019

MTG Arena ID-10-T-$ Edition

So over the past year or so, on those rare occasions when I have some free time and find myself lacking in the mental clarity department, I load up the game called Magic The Gathering Arena. It’s a free game that only the stupidest people spend money on. Well… apparently a vast majority of these players are that stupid as they spend far too much $$$ to obtain imaginary NON-real cards. My guess is this is in order to feel good about themselves, seeing how their lives suck with them still living in their mom’s basements, I can see their side.

My decks on average have about 3-4 rare/mythic cards in them. My opponents’ decks (a.k.a. “tools”) entire deck$ are nothing but rare$ and mythic rare card$. You see you can purcha$e these card$ or you can “grind” to get them by playing the game for free as I’ve been doing for the past year. Well the latest update release for the game was last week and in all three games I attempted to play (HAVE FUN???) I faced persons with purchased decks.

Must be nice not having a mortgage.

I should give up on the game. I should…

Why don’t I?

I don’t mind losing some games, say about 50% of them. What ends up happening is that when you face TOOL player$ you end up losing about 95% of them and who enjoys that?


I should focus more on getting one of my novels cleaned up. I would… I should…

The reason I don’t is that I’m tired. It’s not mentally challenging to play these games and it is supposed to allow me some time to wind down. Instead, all it does is piss me off that there are so many Dwights out there.

I swear…

Get a clue.

Get a life.

Get a mortgage.










Giggles 🙂



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