December 28 2015

– “Mr. Kobayashi” –

The Pitch:Mr. Kobayashi” is focused on the survivors of a colony ship that crash landed upon what was supposed to be their idealistic new homeworld. The story picks up ten years after their arrival where they have only recently reestablished a sense of normalcy against the elements and the semi-intelligent wolf-like predators native to this world. Now their Eden is shattered once more by a massive ground quake and subsequent flooding that forces them to fight once more for their very existence. Only by putting aside their personal issues and uniting do they stand any chance of continuing as a species.


The first draft of this book was completed in late June of 2014, has 35 chapters, and sits at around 70,000 words.


Mr. Kobayashi - The Second Draft

As of Oct 2015
100% Complete
95,000 of 95,000 words


April 2016…

I am going to paste the prologue below this line in the next few weeks when I can find some time to do it. The prologue is about 5,000 words in length. It is not going to contain any of the main characters of the story as it takes place ten years before the main story.