December 28 2015

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I live in the greater Sacramento area and am married with two young kids. I work for the state of California and ride light rail an hour each way to and from work. It is during this time that I often get in most of my writing. My nights and weekends are typically filled with family and domestic duties.

I have always been interested in fantasy and science fiction related materials. Being a child of the 70’s my first love was of course Star Wars. Star Trek reruns further refined my taste of the imagination. It wasn’t until middle school though that I got a real taste of fantasy with Dungeons & Dragons. Later on, in high school, I discovered the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. 

My daughter was seven when I first introduced her to the original star wars (#HanShotFirst) but she didn’t seem to grasp the greatness that is Star Wars. This has left a bitter feeling that somehow I am a failure as a father. That is a joke for those still getting a feel for my humor. The name of my domain being “TheWriteDave” should have been a big clue-in to my humor. However, as to my failure as a father, I feel the need to quote Yoda from the Empire Strike Back when he says “There is another…” as in my younger son.

My wife has zero to negative interest in most SciFantasy type materials. She does(did?) have a thing for David Duchovny back in the nineties thanks to the X-Files. Now even I have to admit he has(had?) a boy-band sort of cuteness about him. The same can also be said for Johnny Depp but uh.. *cough*… where talking about my wife right?

Now while Star Trek/Wars will always have a special place in my heart I have really come to enjoy the darker and more mature works of Babylon 5 & the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. I once had high hopes for the Earth Final Conflict and Stargate series but found myself just not buying into them.

Getting back to “me” as is natural since “I” should be the topic of the “about me” page. I am a horrible speller and if you spot something that is wrong… good for you. 😛

Thanks for “reeding” and please enjoy the site. 😉


“The Write Dave @ gmail (dot) com” without the spaces and replacing “dot” with an actual “.”

Sorry, I hate spam and this is my feeble attempt at protecting myself.