February 21 2017

1st Writing in a week

Okay so I haven’t been all that productive.

I know, I get it.



Well, tonight over the span of 1.5 hours, I got in 1300 words. So that’s about 800 words an hour if my rough math is right.

Earlier today I got in another two applications so there is that. I have also been kind of busy at work so there is that too.

Tonight’s writing covered the end of Kennedy and her friends and family sitting around and watching the first launch of her engine design. I got in some good humor along the way and started my next chapter which picks up a year after that with her being at the White House again.

With me being something of a pantser I now need to figure out how I am going to exploit my colonel sanders character along with Carla and her connections. I think I am going to sleep on this and see what brews overnight.


That is all 🙂





February 18 2017

It’s been over a week

It’s been over a week since I last posted anything so I feel as if I need to do something. I am just going to ramble (what’s new) on about what’s been going on in my life.

Last weekend the wife and I went to R.C.Willy and used our tax refund to buy ourselves a new couch. It was mostly the wife’s idea but I didn’t put up any resistance cause who knows when I might want to abscond with a future refund. I’m not saying that cause I have an agenda so much as I’m not trying to make waves.

On Sunday I went to a writers workshop and met a number of new people (fellow authors). The workshop was meant to help plot out novels and find any kind of plot holes you might have in their arcs. I’m not trying to sound like an ass here but with my own personal experience, of having written the words ‘The End’ in half a dozen (unpublished) books, I know how to plot my arcs out. The other person that was there had a better experience, which I’m thankful for. Overall I did enjoy the meeting as I got to meet some new people 🙂

On Tuesday night I got to meet with my Folsom writing group and I got around 700 words out in about an hour. That is kind of slow for me but since my heart hasn’t been into it as of late (thanks nazi boss who is trying to suck the life out of me) I will take what I can get.

Thursday I met some other people I know after work and so didn’t get home until close to 9pm. I owe my wife big time and will do my best to keep the kids out of her hair this weekend as she is still working on studying for her exam on Sunday.

There is more of course but that is all I’m going to say as my time is running out.


Tootles and Farts…



February 6 2017

The Devil Made Me Do It (The story of succumbing)

Children often say, when getting caught, that they weren’t the ones responsible for doing something. Some adults, at least those physically old enough to be considered adults, do the same.

Case in point, myself. With my boss being something of an unreal tyrant, I found myself succumbing to the temptations of my own little shoulder devil. You see I did something to my bosses vehicle. I don’t want to say what I did, for fear of self-incrimination, but I can say what I did, having been a vehicle mechanic in the Army, will eventually cause him some serious cash to fix once it finally happens. Now it’s not going to cause a crash or hurt anyone, I’m not a literal devil you know, that is aside from his wallet.

Can you imagine the look on his face when his car gets pulled into the mechanic’s shop and the tell him what happened? Life, and in this case my imagination, is reward enough as nobody would ever think to connect this to me.

That should teach him to park like that again.

January 30 2017

The crypt is quiet

Hello again,

Today I am writing to say that I managed to get four applications of employment out today. Last week I got out over 10 applications, so for a Monday, it’s a good start.

Almost all of my interest in writing has been sucked out by my Demogorgon of a boss.

She left to go home early today. YIPPIE!

My application count has jumped up to 7 so far today.



January 24 2017

Time to check in

Hello again,

It’s Tuesday so that means I am going to be going my writing group 🙂 tonight.

Last week I had a friend from one of my older writing groups show up at the Tuesday group. It was a nice surprise and I hope to see him there again.

It’s now been six hours since I wrote the above.

My day has been rather sucky to say the least. My boss has decided to take away my RDO starting March 1st. Her reasoning (in a nut shell) was I didn’t have enough to do around the office so she wanted me here every day instead of doing my 9/8/80 split.


Evil, it can’t be explained.

January 18 2017

Today is a not so special day for me

Today I filled out three applications to various state agencies, Caltrans, Department of General Services, and the Department of Conversation. I must admit that I have been a bit negligent these past few weeks in filling out other job applications. I kind of blame myself for getting my hopes up for one position in particular (which obviously didn’t go my way). I’ve also been distracted with darth bitch (my supervisor) and doing my best to not draw her wrath.

I’ve also been in something of a bah-humbug mood these past few weeks. It’s not a winter blues thing so much as a feeling as if I’m just spinning my wheels and not getting any sort of traction on anything…so why bother? Know what I mean. I know you can’t win at everything and life is partially built upon how you handle failure. I get it, I really do. It’s just… I feel squished. I have no time for anything I want to do and if I can’t find something to be myself about then I start to lose myself… to the monotony…. know what I mean?

I know I have two young kids, thankfully they aren’t small anymore (I am not wishing my life away/fast forward as I know it slips through ones hands before you can even blink) but that they still can’t even wipe their own butts (at least my six year old). This SHIT kinda gets old if you know what I’m PUNtificating?


This last weekend we got to go to Lake Tahoe on a mini getaway and spent some time with the family. It was nice but it was also short. I never felt I got to relax with having to deal with my rats and their issues the whole time.

I did manage to sneak out on Saturday morning and got an hour and a half to myself to go over a story for somebody I recently met online. I edited her story and pointed out where she was leaving things open nebulous or weak. I didn’t do any real writing of my own because of it. I don’t know if she is reading this or not but I got the impression that English wasn’t her native tongue. That made it hard as I didn’t want to nitpick everything to death.

So last night, as part of my Tuesday after work writing group, I tried going online to try and find some beta reader/swappers. I think that is what I need most of all. I need somebody to point out what isn’t making sense plot wise. I’ve tried with a number of people (but with all of them so far) there has always been some sort of mismatch. I’m just not interested in reading your homosexual werewolf romance. I know you want to write but you can’t have logic gaps by having the lead character McGuffin themselves out of every situation. I mean its like they travel across a content walking the entire way only to find out in the last scene that they have had the ability to fly and only chose to walk from the start. Really? Who the Eff does that in real life? Characters/People are real and in being real they are also lazy. You can’t have inconsistencies like this and expect your story to be taken seriously.

Anyway… (#2)

Hey I just checked my email and I got some email about a hot Russian girl who wants to send me naked pictures. It’s almost like somebody is trying to give me a present today. I gotta go and click me up some viruses on my work computer 😉


January 7 2017


Here I sit in a McDonalds again early in the morning. I need this. Not the McDonalds part so much as the internet and away time. (The $1 tea doesn’t hurt though).

Last night the after work our family sat around in the family room and turned on a Harry Potter movie (#2). My daughter just finished reading the first book after watching the first movie and so we hoped this would help peek her interest into reading the second book. (I fell asleep during the first movie last month – I… am…. not… a …. harry…potter…fan.)

Anyway…. because my daughter was wrapped around me and watching the movie I couldn’t do much of anything but watch the stupid thing. I fell asleep again but only for a few seconds as I had to excuse myself to get up and use the restroom. By the time the movie was over it was close to 10 pm and my brain was fried. That was it for me. Day over.

Greedy grumpy dave part… I know I was there watching for my kids but I need some me time too. So here I am, having fled, hiding away and getting some time to review a friend’s story and pick it to pieces.

The simple joys of life 🙂