July 21 2016

Comic con Update 1

Hello anybody,

I got on the bus successfully and it got me exactly where I needed to go.

I got to the downtown station and saw a green line train getting ready to leave the station. I jumped on board not realizing until after it had departed that it was going the opposite direction. Next stop over I corrected my direction situation with *little issue. 

The nerds!

The train is crammed full so much so that I have *little room to even breath. I’m going to guess I’m going in the right direction this time.

July 19 2016

Ploting your book – the hook

So when grabbing the attention of your readers, the earlier the better seems to be the goal. Ideally, you want to do it in your first line. My question though is do you want “a hook” or “the hook”?

Think about that. I mean ideally you would want the best hook possible but again, think about my question.

I’m still tinkering with the backstory/worldbuilding with my sup-her novel and have, at least what i would like to believe, as the hook. Still, would a hook work just as well? I know, promise to the reader and all, but what if it’s a cousin like hook that you use to grab their attention? I’m going to have to devote a few brains cells to this.

July 15 2016

Day 23 ~ Done-ish

Okay, so this chapter is around 80% new which meant I did lots of deleting.

I did about 1,200 today which brings this ‘original Nano days’ re-working to 5,400. It has several scene splits in it which will be mixed around into various chapters depending on the timeline cleanup and overall flow.

There is more I can add but I’m not going to do it. I need to get to the ‘Punch-Line’ and stop trying to dallying around so much.

I am now at the last little bit of original story.



July 14 2016

Biases and moods

I got back some feedback on my Sup-Her story. While it wasnt sharply critical it was in a lack of being direct sort of way. 

Some of it was accurate i cant but feel that some of it was biased in a everyone is a unique person sort of way. 

I understand that everybody has baggage which is part of the phrase “you cant please everyone.” still, its put me in a slight funk of not wanting to write. I accept it for what it is 🙂

At least i got some words done this morning.

July 14 2016

‘blog’ … really?

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