January 7 2017


Here I sit in a McDonalds again early in the morning. I need this. Not the McDonalds part so much as the internet and away time. (The $1 tea doesn’t hurt though).

Last night the after work our family sat around in the family room and turned on a Harry Potter movie (#2). My daughter just finished reading the first book after watching the first movie and so we hoped this would help peek her interest into reading the second book. (I fell asleep during the first movie last month – I… am…. not… a …. harry…potter…fan.)

Anyway…. because my daughter was wrapped around me and watching the movie I couldn’t do much of anything but watch the stupid thing. I fell asleep again but only for a few seconds as I had to excuse myself to get up and use the restroom. By the time the movie was over it was close to 10 pm and my brain was fried. That was it for me. Day over.

Greedy grumpy dave part… I know I was there watching for my kids but I need some me time too. So here I am, having fled, hiding away and getting some time to review a friend’s story and pick it to pieces.

The simple joys of life 🙂

January 2 2017

I wrote :)

This morning I snuck away and got some writing done.

From the span of 8:05 to 10:22 I got in 2,554 words

Doing that math that comes out to about 1,100 words/hour 🙂

While that is good and all I still have some mojo left in me to keep going but the family is now awake (via text message) and so I have to go back home and do family duties again.


December 31 2016

Goodbye 2016

It’s 8:43 in the morning and I’m sitting in a La Bou right now. In just over an hour I am expecting various people to come in and “MEETUP.com” for a local gathering. This meetup is going to be my first with this TED focused discussion group. The topic today is “Who’s more intolerant, the left or right?”

I, being closed minded, believe I already have the answer and nothing you are going to say will make me change my mind otherwise.






So as I’ve gotten here plenty early, I like to do that to new things (like interviews or first dates – Hey I’m not here for that reason…) I’m guessing I should start plugging away on my writing again. I’m just not feeling the mojo at the moment.

And this is where my internal muse starts shouting “NOTHING EVER GETS DONE WHEN YOU IGNORE IT!”

Yeah- yeah,shut-up already.

I need to get my tunes going in my head and we will see how far I get in the next hour.  Its 8:54 right now.




8:55 to 944 gave me a total of 856 words. I’m done with a scene so I don’t feel like pushing ahead with only 15 minutes left. I got my 900 ish words an hour so I’m good 🙂

The following is part of what I wrote over the last hour in all of its first draft ugliness…


Eve reached the side of her house about seven minutes later. She entered through the side kitchen door as that was her favorite door and it was how she had left her house when she had decided to take her walk to the store.

Michael, from somewhere deep in the house, called out, “Is that you?”

Closing the door behind herself, “Yep.”

Sounding as if he was getting closer, “Was about to send a search party. The weather is saying a serious cold front is moving in.”

“Oh its already here.”

Entering the kitchen he spotted her and smiled, “Well at least you thought to bring your jacket.”

Eve put her bag down onto the counter and said, “Unlike Carla. She was out riding her bike in those spandex long johns again.” She faced Michael, “Do you mind putting this stuff away? Carla wanted me to come over and have a chat with her.”

Michael chuckled as he walked towards the counter, “What did Cliff do now?” He leaned in and gave Eve a kiss as he began putting everything away.

“I don’t know yet but right now I really need to pee.” Eve made her way down the hall and towards the bathroom.

Michael yelled out from the kitchen. “Whatever it is I’m sure Cliff has no clue as to what part he played in it.”

Pulling down her pants and squatting down, “None of you do.”

Michael added, “If a man is alone in the woods, is he still wrong?”

Letting out a bit of gas, “Why is that even a question?”

Michael laughed.

Eve, feeling relieved, let out a deep breath and just sat there for a moment. She listened as Michael opened and closed various cabinets and tried to imagine what her life would be like if Michael was more like Cliff. She shook her head and reached for the toilet tissue as she wanted to flush that idea away. Finishing up she pulled her pants back up and stepped to the sink.
From the kitchen Michael yelled, “Done.” His voice then went up in pitch as he yelled out, “Can I go back to my room and play again?”

Laughing Eve replied, “Is your homework done?”

With the same high pitch, “Yes…”

“I can hear it in your voice, what did you forget?”

Michael came into the bathroom after her and grabbed her around the waist and hugged her. His hands ended up doing a bit of wandering around her front as he said playfully, “I need some more hands on in my biology.”
Eve twisted about and shut the water off. She then flicked her still wet hands over her shoulder and struck Michael in the face with a spray of droplets.
Michael replied, “I thought I was the one trying to get you wet?” Eve turned around within his embrace and gave him a kiss on the lips while she groaned at his joke. He gave her another squeeze and then backed away thus freeing her. “I thought it was funny.”

She dried her hands on his shirt and said, “You are sick in the head” and then walked out of the bathroom.

Okay, maybe I am. You still married me.”

Calling out over her shoulder as she walked towards kitchen heading out again, “Stop reminding me.”

December 22 2016

The man in the high tower – season 2

I just finished watching season 2 on my lunch today. Good stuff. 

Right now I’m on the train doing the finger on phone typing so I went get that deep about it.

Season 1 was kinda slow but thought provoking. Season 2 took what you thought you knew and tipped it all upside down. (Gooder stuff)

Season 1 gets a B- score

Season 2 gets a A- score

I’m also going to suggest you don’t power through the episodes so you can give your mind time to digest it all, especially season 2.

This weekend is a four day weekend for me 🙂

That is all.

December 20 2016

1,500 words ~ 1:30 hours

It’s Tuesday and I’m sitting in a Starbucks plugging away again.

This is the end “part” of what I was working on…




Hellon said, “In my culture, one hides themselves when they are trying to be deceitful or wish harm upon you. By exposing oneself you allow others to read you as you as.”

Mike said, “Our skin doesn’t change colors and tones like yours does.”

Hellon’s eyes went wide, “I feel like I should not have overlooked that. What is the word I feel?”

Kennedy chuckled, “Don’t worry Hellon, there is a lot to figure out.

Hellon got his pants fastened again and extended out his hand towards Kennedy, “You are right.”

She took his hand into her own and felt the coldness of it again. She gave it a soft shake and then Hellon lifted his hand up and exposed his palm towards her. With his fingers pointing skyward he split them apart in the middle and said, “Shaz-bot.”

Kennedy looked over at Mike as if not believing what she had just seen. “Did he just give me a Vulcan-Mindy greeting?”.