February 24 2020

Progress Report for Jessica Day

Jessica Day is the name of my protagonist in my Starfall novel.

I’m currently working on chunk 20 of my second draft.

What is a ‘chunk’? Well after I wrote out the first draftย  (admittedly I only got to about 90% of the story as the ending wasn’t feeling right, I stopped at around 95,000 words) the story felt like it was fishtailing too much.

Okay Einstein, what is ‘fishtailing’? Its a phrase “I” use (no Copywrite pending) when the end is no longer in line with the bulk of the story. In other words, its flapping ‘this way’ and ‘that way’ and needs to be streamlined. So upon starting up my second draft, and flattening out that wild fishtail, I broke the story into manageable chunks in order for my peers to better review. *Most* chunks are under 3,000 words and should not be considered chapters, though they are linear** to the story as a whole.

**Yes I do have some backstory elements but they take place during the story and are not done as ‘maid and butler‘ event.


I’m currently working on chunk #20. Overall I’ve cut deep into some stuff and expanded upon others. At chunk 20 (2,800ish words each) that puts me at just under 60,000 words overall. I feel as if I’m roughly close to the halfway mark again.

Ohhh… in two nights is the next meetup of my evening writing group.ย Both of the writing critique groups I’m in are reviewing the same story. One is twice monthly (day group) and the other is just monthly (nightly group).

Okay it’s now 6:35 am and its time I start wrapping this freakshow up and heading into work. I didn’t get much writing in today but the guilt over ignoring my blog was eating at me.



Tootles peeps


Fight the Dwight!


January 22 2020

True Stories – Both of them

So I was listening to a local radio station in my car on the way home after picking up my kids. They were discussing today’s random topic-

*Dad (I was just interrupted by my son with something stupid… I think it had to do with teaching his cat math)

-which was about waving back at people who

*Dad (interrupted again, by the same child, for the same reason.)

-weren’t actually waving at you in the first place. I had a funny version of that where I was stopped at a light, behind some old bitty and waiting for the light to

*Dad (again, same, more)

-change green. We’ll as soon as the light went-

*Dad (again, same)

green, she started moving but then slammed on her brakes. I was caught off guard from this and couldn’t stop my own momentum having just stepped on the gas myself. My car ended up hitting her bumper-

*Dad (again)

-but thankfully not causing any “real” damage. It turns out the reason she braked was that some guy ahead of her was waving to his buddy who was walking up on the side of the road just off to the side of our two vehicles.

*Dad (the amazon delivery truck just dropped something off outside our door. Is it an emergency or can it wait? Yep, its some emergency.)

So far guy walking towards us was waiving towards his approaching friend. The old bitty got all confused and thought he was flagging her down for something. Yep, that’s the story of how somebody waiving caused me to run into the back end of some old bitty.

True stories, both of them.

I keep telling myself things could always be-

*Dad (son wants me to grade cats homework sheet)

-worse. My kids are relatively physically healthy. The mental, still waiting for those results to come back.

Tootles for now.

Dave ๐Ÿ™‚




January 17 2020

Starting back in on Starfall :)

I took something of an extended break from my novel. I’m both anxious and nervous to be starting back in on the project. Let me tell you there is nothing more motivating than being able to find the time to devote to one’s own mental sanity (I mean by writing of course).

A few nights ago I attended my third meeting with a peer group. Seeing their stuff in its ugly early stages does wonders for one’s ego and de-escalating your own fear about how atrocious your own works are at the early stages.


Oh and I just tallied up my word count for the first draft. I got about 90-95% done with the story and had about 115,000 words. Yeah, I’m going to have to work on trimming some of that with my second draft.




That’s it for now, back to the grind of rewriting.

Tootles my bitches!

January 6 2020

Merry-Happy New Festivus-er-us-errr to You!

I’m a slacker.


Yes… I’ve not been as prolific as I’ve wanted to be. My kids are still failing in school and need me watching and cleaning up after each of their steps. Those pants of theirs just don’t poop themselves ya know.

That being said… It’s now 2020 and I’m still alive. I FEEL OLD.

You know what’s sad is just yesterday, at work, I found myself watching a youtube video on Amtrack train travel. Yes, hold your horses.. it wasn’t about going anywhere specific that caught my attention, it was just the fact that I would “FREE” of any kind of responsibility and could just stare out a window and possibly find myself again through a number of hours of reflection.





And now were returning from the gripe zone…


So I submitted my chapter 1 of Starfall to a critique group (in first draft form) and boy did they chew it up. I expected as much. That was back on Dec 18th and I still haven’t found the time to go through all of what they did to it. Am I afraid? No. Busy, yes. I took a week off over the Xmas/new-years span and I didn’t write/edit/read a single thing. Why? F-ing busy. My wife’s birthday is nestled in between Xmas and new years so that adds to the domestic duties. Translation = NO TIME.


Currently, I’m editing chapter 2 of Starfall into a second draft so I can submit that to the butchers.ย (I’m saying that with affection-I swear!) They are an older group and I hope to pick parts of their pearls of wisdom and use the parts that make sense (which means I’m smert enough to understand them as well).


Okay, my lunch hour is almost over…



(And get off my lawn!)


October 4 2019

MTG Arena ID-10-T-$ Edition

So over the past year or so, on those rare occasions when I have some free time and find myself lacking in the mental clarity department, I load up the game called Magic The Gathering Arena. It’s a free game that only the stupidest people spend money on. Well… apparently a vast majority of these players are that stupid as they spend far too much $$$ to obtain imaginary NON-real cards. My guess is this is in order to feel good about themselves, seeing how their lives suck with them still living in their mom’s basements, I can see their side.

My decks on average have about 3-4 rare/mythic cards in them. My opponents’ decks (a.k.a. “tools”) entire deck$ are nothing but rare$ and mythic rare card$. You see you can purcha$e these card$ or you can “grind” to get them by playing the game for free as I’ve been doing for the past year. Well the latest update release for the game was last week and in all three games I attempted to play (HAVE FUN???) I faced persons with purchased decks.

Must be nice not having a mortgage.

I should give up on the game. I should…

Why don’t I?

I don’t mind losing some games, say about 50% of them. What ends up happening is that when you face TOOL player$ you end up losing about 95% of them and who enjoys that?


I should focus more on getting one of my novels cleaned up. I would… I should…

The reason I don’t is that I’m tired. It’s not mentally challenging to play these games and it is supposed to allow me some time to wind down. Instead, all it does is piss me off that there are so many Dwights out there.

I swear…

Get a clue.

Get a life.

Get a mortgage.










Giggles ๐Ÿ™‚



October 4 2019

93,000 words in Starfall

Today, is Oct 4th. (Yeah I know you can see the date in the red box alongside this post).

I’m feeling as if I’m around the 85-90% mark in the story. So that means I should be getting close to be being done with the first draft. (Yippie!)

I started it at the end of January, so that is about 9.5 months ago.

Geez I’m slow.

Kids, job, wife, therapy, homework, stuff, things, CPS, running again, getting our roof replaced, cooking, blah, Union stuff, more blah… FORMATTING MY EFFING COMPUTER OVER AND OVER AGAIN BECAUSE LINUX SUCKS, moar blah…

You get the idea.


(Life is one of those colorful four-letter words that you aren’t supposed to use in public)


So… This all means that I’m feeling as if I should have been further along.


Still… I’m going to stick through it. I’ve not lost interest in this story. Yes, I’ve along the way, gotten newer story ideas but I’ve tried keeping those moments of inspiration to just a paragraph and left them to ferment in my possible “Next Story” staging area.


Getting back to the LINUX EFFING SUCKS topic. Since March-ish I’ve been installing various Linux distro’s, as I’m trying to learn how to use it, and within a few weeks of running each install, they would develop a peculiar bug where the session wouldn’t suspend properly. Yes, I know, first world problems. But honestly, I expect my computer to pick up right where I left off instead of having to reboot the damn thing every time and re-opening all the various apps I had up and running. I’m back on Ubuntu classic again. mxLinux, ZorinOS15, all you other guys, go suck aย  big fat one you “Mother%^&boards”


Gee, look at the time.


Time to SUSPEND my laptop and pick up where I’m leaving off at lunch (thanks Ubuntu Classic) and post this page.


Tootles for now….

September 30 2019

Legion TV Show & Time is Up


This show is great.

I just started season 2 and am sorry to learn that it stopped at season 3.

I want to say more but it’s my lunch right now and I’m too busy watching.

It’s all delicious fuel for the abstract mind.





… and now to other things.

Yes, I really was visited by CPS last week. I’m going to do a write up on the event at some point in the near future.

Currently, I’m getting LibreOffice and other software installed on my travel laptop so that will have to finish first.


I’m also going to start looking for another job posting as the one I’ve been at, as easy as its been, isn’t very fulfilling.

Life… people desire to feel needed but also not being stuck in something pointless. Some people crave crazy while others are more comfortable with some level of predictability. We all have varying levels of these needs.


lunchtime is over…


tootles for now