June 23 2016

Sup-Her… Day 17

Yes I’m a schmuck. I’m on day 17 (of 25) of the rewrite.

When I’m done with this thick chapter (4,000 words) I’m going to take a brief pause and try and put it all together in my excel sheet timeline before moving ahead again.

June 20 2016

Day 13 :)

Okay so i think i got day 12 done enough. I’m having my brother read from the beginning up to day 12 to see if her can find any serious plot holes.

Today i started on day 13 and got about a page in.


June 17 2016


I think I’m in the mood for something new in the instrumental music department. Guess what I’m going to be surfing for on Amazon at work today?

Let me tell you the Deadpool album song “Maximum Effort” by Junkie XL has a special place in my heart. It brings out my inner Godzilla when it comes to my writing. ūüôā

I need something like that.

June 17 2016

Still Day 12+ (Friday @Starbucks)

I love my little ASUS x205ta machine. The only regret I have is the friggin drive is so flipping small. So I’ve been using an external usb plugin to install my programs onto. Today the dongle decided it was going to have a problem. This is where I had my LibreOffice installed on.

Guess how much writing I’ve done?

The answer is some. You see I got some done on the train ride in thinking I could double that by hanging out in Starbucks near where I get off the train. Yes, I got up early to do some writing. My reward? A finicky usb dongle. Fun times.

So here I am googling on how to move my recovery partition over to yet another usb dongle so as to open up some space on my machines primary drive. Yeah, I can hear you now “Don’t that will guarantee the machine will die. It’s Karma and some other voodoo.” I don’t know if you were actually thinking the word voodoo but it’s my imagination so just go with it. I spent $6 on a 16gig thumb drive that is highly rated. I spent $150 on this laptop two years ago that is already suffering from a flaky screen connection cable that I have to constantly adjust when booting just so the connection/display is made. Once it’s made its good for much of the time. Only¬†when I pick it up and move do I need to re-wiggle the ¬†hinge again.

So worst case scenario? My $75 a year machine goes¬†caputze. I can erase and use the dongle on something else. ¬†I’m trying my best to hold back my pretend tears. I think I can justify buying another sub$200 machine ūüôā (at least one with a working hinge/display)

Crossing my fingers.




Oh yeah…. writing. I’m down to the final 1,000 words of day 12 stuff I’m cleaning up. My total word count for this far in draft 1 was 25,000 and right now I’m sitting at around 52,000 in draft 2.

Man, this day 12+(day 13&14 merged in) has been a real pain in the ass. I can taste the finish however. Hopefully the word count from this point forward is less filling in that it totally doesn’t double itself.




June 14 2016

1st draft they lived ~ 2nd draft they died

I just finished the last end part of my day 12+ and I just killed off a character that had been alive in the previous draft. Since this is a second draft I know basically what lays ahead and have an idea of what needs to be modified. Its not that big of a deal other than for me to say “Goodbye my darling.”

Now I still have some further day 12 editing to do but its kind of light in comparison to the rest of what I just went through.

I’m still not sure if my dead darling is indeed dead as I have a possible return but it’s definitely looking like this person is gone*.

*(drizzles… drip… plop…ooze…)

Now I just need to get my head together and finish the little stuff I added in as I was going through the day 12.

June 14 2016

Audiobook “The Star Cross” by Raymond L. Weil – (partial review)

So this last weekend I went to San Francisco and had a few hours to kill both going and coming home. I had purchased this book on kindle for something like $3 and noticed that Amazon’s Matchmaker program had the audio listed for another $3. I felt this was worth it and bought the audio add on. Guess what I listened to during my drive to Frisco?

I just finished chapter 5 and let me tell you the book is fair with the exception of the authors slave sex fetish. So in the story the Earth has been invaded and a number of people have been abducted to which be sold into slavery on the alien worlds. I can’t tell you the number of times various characters say something along the line “they are going to have sex with our women.”

I’ve reached the point where its now nauseating to me. Again chapter 5. I can honestly say I’ve heard that close to 10 times by now. Yes, I am supposed to disbelieve some parts of our reality when reading a book based in fantasy¬†but this is starting to¬†really feel like chalkboard nails to me.

I don’t know but for some things I can forgive the illusion of fantasy but for other things I can’t. I know that on the earth, turtles, ducks, whales, all are more genetically closer to humans than any species from any kind of alien realm. Yes I can forgive the humanoid like appearance but why is all genitalia always human based? I mean ducks have corkscrew penises and turtles have this large spatula shaped penis. Google it if you have a strong stomach. I’m not going to go the whale route here. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that the diversity of Earth species genitalia why/how/wtf am I supposed to believe that all aliens crave our human females.


The movie(TV show) Alien Nation did a good job with this. They had to obviously use humans as the alien actors. Again this is extremely forgivable. They however described the genitalia as being on their backs and had an entirely different reproductive process.

To me it felt as if the author was using the novel as an outlet for their inner teenage “boobies” angst.

As a heterosexual male it pains me to say this… NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH HUMAN FEMALES.

-my .02$



June 14 2016

The Truth (yet more day 12+ of Sup-Her)

So I am writing a new scene as part of chapter 15 which is titled “The Truth.” In it my villain does the old tired diatribe of “why he’s going to win” and stuff. You know what’s funny is I never thought I would write one of these as they have always seemed do dumb. Honestly, and I do mean it, ¬†its kind of fun. I’m trying to do it in a slightly different way mind you but still I get to have my bad guy go on about how awesome he is and how everything is coming to fruition¬†as something else is going on just under his nose. Okay in this case its actually just ‘over his nose’ but I’m not going to argue semantics til the geese¬†come down from the¬†moon.

More to come

June 13 2016

Back to the grind

I got some more words in today on the way into work as well as over lunch. I also realized after the fact that I had my villain smack somebody hard when he is also suffering from a broken arm. This is an eager oversight on my part (I was excited to get into the story)¬†but something I hope to patch up soon enough. Ugh my chapter 15 reconstruction/mergining is driving me crazy. I’m on the last part of it but I keep finding my own continuity errors which causes me to go back through and tweak things again.