June 30 2017

– The Neuroverse –

This is an ugly placeholder for my upcoming novel The Neuroverse.

The overall plot, which is still being pansted to *death, Michael Scott (name will change as I go along. I haven’t even written him as of yet) *dies. He ends up going to some version of an afterlife. There he finds trillions upon trillions of other beings who all exist alongside him. Here Michael Scott undergoes training, which will take well over a billion years, in overall duration, into a program that is meant to bridge the gap from this reality to another step closer to true eternity.

Influences into this mess are as follows; the novel A Short Stay In Hell, the movie The Matrix, and a YouTube PBS channel called Space-Time, and this little gem about monkeys.





My progress in CampNaNoWriMo July 2017:

Day 1 is +3900 words 🙂