December 28 2015

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I bought this domain a number of years ago thinking this is where I was going to spend the bulk of my writing time. I have a number of short stories and quasi-novels typed out within this realm. I would have to honestly say this was my training wheels realm. My Barbash story takes place within this realm and will hopefully come to some fruition and see the light of day.


The Blood Cycle is what started my writing inspirations off in the first place. It was a Mary Sue adventure where I incorporated the characters and people from my teenage D&D group and morphed them into something new. I started this idea back in 2003 and made some headway, but being a novice at writing, I made more stops than starts. Yes, I know that sounds backwards so don’t try to do the math.

Between 2006-2009 I had a good number of smaller stories which will probably never see the light of day but you can never truly say never.

Fallen Angel – Is the tale of an angel outcast from the Heavenly realm and having to deal with mortality after finding himself in the material plane. I started this sometime in 2010 and got about 30,000 words into it before “pausing”.

Sorensen – Is the story of a wizard waking up in chains and reliving his life in a series of flashbacks in the hours before his imminent execution. I fiddled with this story idea in 2011 and got a good number of the flashback chapters written but had a hard time stringing what I had together into a collective story. In my opinion, it felt like too many starts and not enough of an ending. I hope to get back to this at some point in the future.

The Chronicles of Death and Ash is something I did during the spring of 2014. I plotted out a three story arc involving two ex-slaves and their exploits. I got most of the first book done, 1st draft, and it came in around 30,000 words. I hope to come back to this as well.