September 30 2019

Legion TV Show & Time is Up


This show is great.

I just started season 2 and am sorry to learn that it stopped at season 3.

I want to say more but it’s my lunch right now and I’m too busy watching.

It’s all delicious fuel for the abstract mind.





… and now to other things.

Yes, I really was visited by CPS last week. I’m going to do a write up on the event at some point in the near future.

Currently, I’m getting LibreOffice and other software installed on my travel laptop so that will have to finish first.


I’m also going to start looking for another job posting as the one I’ve been at, as easy as its been, isn’t very fulfilling.

Life… people desire to feel needed but also not being stuck in something pointless. Some people crave crazy while others are more comfortable with some level of predictability. We all have varying levels of these needs.


lunchtime is over…


tootles for now





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