March 22 2016

– “The Puppy Kicker” –

The Pitch: (Yes this needs work)…The Puppy Kicker is about an ex-military man returning home after being captured years before and barely surviving the rescue attempt. He undergoes an emergency procedure which ends up saving his life but also gives him an accelerated ability to heal. When he finally returns home he finds out that his wife, thinking he was long dead, ended up remarrying to the one person he least expected, his former superior officer. With everything in his life now gone he goes in search of burying his hate by signing up with a number of corporate black ops companies in hopes of finding some purpose with his life. Years go by and our hero begins to discover just how dirty the world of corporate mercenaries can be. Especially when the person calling some of the shots is the very same newly anointed junior senator that married his wife. Taking his redemption into his own hands he starts collecting information about the senator even as the man starts his campaign bid for the White House. 

Yes my pitch is a bit long at the moment. I will tighten it up as the time comes and I finish my second draft.

ADMISSION TIME: I also have to come clean and say that ‘PART’ of the idea behind the story had to do with my anticipation with the as of then to be released Deadpool movie. Further admission: The name ‘Puppy Kicker’ came about as a nickname to a real life friend at the time who enjoyed taking advantage of others when they weren’t prepared for it.

The first draft came in at 51,200 words and was (mostly) completed in March of 2016. I have some back fill that needs tending to. Yes, Deadpool was already released by then, but my idea, and about half of the book, had been written prior to this. So neener-neener. But what about the last half of the book? Oh come on already. Any story that makes it to the halfway point isn’t going to be ‘THAT’ influenced by outside material when you are heading into the second half of the game. If anything my story is a hybrid of the Spawn movie as well as Deadpool as well as Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

So neener-neener again.


The Puppy Kicker - The First Draft

As of March of 2016
85% Complete
51,000 of 60,000 words