January 23 2016

[ www.SplinterStar.com ]

I just bought this domain…Yippie! (January of 2016)

Now let me explain what it is going to be about by explaining what helped influenced my twisted imagination. Back in the 80’s there was a game company called TSR, which for you youngins types was bought out by Wizards of the Coast in the mid 90’s, ┬áproduced a role-playing game called Star Frontiers. This game along with the film and television series Alien Nation merged into something of their own in my mind. I had always wanted to use the name “StarDrive” but then TSR/Wizards turned around and bought used that name for themselves in a kind of 90’s replacement version of Star Frontiers. I never got into that game but my held onto my own inspirations and slowly over time, we are talking decades here, came up with my own sort of mythos.

In 2016 SplinterStar.com was finally, officially, born.

More to come… (5v+xj=ski42=)