December 28 2015

– “Doug” –

The Pitch: Doug is a simple man who is in the wrong place in life in just about every way possible. Needing a break he finds himself joining a number of buddies on a camping trip only to be abducted in the middle of the night into an anally probing spacecraft as ‘hilarity ensues.’


Doug started off being a writing challenge over the months of Aug/Sept of 2014. The group tried to emulate NaNoWriMo but in addition to producing your daily 1,667 words we were also responsible for editing the works of our peers as well. I can do, depending on the day/mood, about 500-1,000 words an hour. Editing is another beast entirely as I am quite slow. I am also a poor editor but that is something I am working on improving.

I still finished the story on my own and it came in at around 20,000 words in its first incarnation. In the early fall of 2015, I rewrote the piece and it now sits around 40,000 words. It’s rated “R” due to some “heroicly graphic” material. The following is an example from a pivotal scene within the story itself…

“The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the meat.”

Doug - The Second Draft

As of September 2015
100% Complete
40,000 of 40,000 words