August 22 2018

Batman toys…. the batman cave… from the 1990’s… Kylo Ren

Today is my day off. I’m out of my house and doing a mix of personal stuff and errands online such as ordering a textbook for a class I start next week and other stuff.

I’m sitting in a McD’s sipping my $1 tea and watching as an employee is across the partially empty restaurant¬†and mumbling to himself about Batman and whatever else crosses his mind. He is harmless and appears to be kind souled. He has graying hair and has a thin frame that puts him at about 5’6″.

Am I picking on him by describing him here? No, he is a person just like everyone else. I’m observing him no differently than I anything else.

But Dave you haven’t mentioned other people in your driveling rants before?

Partially true… he said ‘Batman’ which caught my ear. I also just happen to be in a writing mode so he has become the focus of my thoughts. So its just chance and circumstance mixed in with some undeniable¬†BATraction.

Yes, I went there. I went down the Batcave.


*(And Dwight is doesn’t count as a person since she is such a bitch in the canine sense)


My god the wifi at this place sucks. It’s so friggin slow. It’s like Mr. Freeze- aagghhh…

(pulls out my mifi device)





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