September 8 2018

Kids are back in school…

… so last Wednesday I went to my first writing group since the end of May. I think that’s about three and a half months. Yeah, that sounds about right.

So… what did I write about? I had trouble coming up with something at first but then I just plugged into my headphones and let my mind wander.


“Creative thinking can be an extension of ordinary mind-wandering, the researchers explained, and a growing body of research has linked daydreaming with creativity.”  —


Then again…

“Mind-wandering has been associated with possible car accidents.” —


Uh… what was I talking about again?


Ah yes, my inability to keep myself focused on anything because I am lazy. Thank’s.


So I got down ~ 2,000 words but by the end of the hour, I had only ~ 1,000 left. That backspace key kept jumping underneath my fingers as I went. I was happy with myself.

Once the group was done with our efforts the group started chatting about stuff and I happened to mention this link…

Writing Excuses Retreat 2018

I’ve never had the funds to afford something like this before but thanks to getting away from the Dwight, I do now. I think I’m going to start saving up for the 2019 cruise. Now I just need to find a way of breaking the news to my wife that I want to ditch her and the kids and go on a cruise without them. Yeah… I don’t care how much creativity you have, this doesn’t sound like its going to go over well.




We also discussed finding critique partners and how hard it can be. Getting along with a spouse/sig-other is hard enough but having to find a complete stranger that you can trust with your mental mush-mussings who won’t just ghost you due to… you know what? I swear it’s almost like dating all over again.

People suck (Hi Dwight!)



Wait… is Dwight right? Huh…

Oh jeez…

Now I’m agreeing with a narcissistic a-hole.

That makes me feel as if I’m in a difficult spot.



“Damn you to Scranton and back you foul Harpy!”







Okay, that’s it for now.


Tootle’s peeps 🙂


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