August 20 2018


I exited my communal work area and entered the transition hall heading towards the bathroom. There, at the end of it standing in the corner, just before the corner where the bathroom was, stood my opponent. He had his cell phone up but his focus was entirely upon me.

I’m sure that everyone has seen an old west movie at some point in their lives where two people face off against each other in a quick draw.

His eyes narrowed as he began measuring his adversary.

My leg began lifting in my patented Crane Attack Ⓒ


His shoe flew out in my direction but fell short of me and came to a tumbling stop just before my feet. My sandal flew up and struck the ceiling tile just a few feet out from my head. The tile, due to the impact, came out of its track and was now askew up in the rafter tracks.

We both broke out laughing and glancing over our shoulders hoping that nobody else had made their way into the hall to bear witness to our folly. Our secret failures were ours alone, that is until he reminded me that the halls have security cameras.

I said aloud, “They should feel honored, most people have to pay to watch a televised sporting event of Shoe-Got-You.”


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