July 19 2017

Day 19 ~ 27,000 words (The Neuroverse)

I just entered part II of it. I’m thinking of shipping off part I in all its uglies to my bro to see if he thinks its viable or if he is completely bat-flipping-lost with it.

The first part was introducing some characters and telling of how these people got there.

The second part is going to be about their experiments and the political intrigue behind the scenes.

The third part is going to be about how monkeys fly out of my butt cause I haven’t a clue as to what it is going to be just yet. (GOT PANSTER SYNDROME?)

July 11 2017

Story for the night

“I can’t believe I was intimidated by…

… you” He shook his head as he looked up and away. His head came perilously close to striking the side of the blinking emergency exit logo sticking out above the rear door. He looked back down again at the six-year-old girl and added, “I can’t believe I was afraid of…” his tone deepened, “I don’t care who your father is and you can take your threats get the hell out off of my stage.”

Ashly’s gaze sharpened on him as she stretched up on her tippy toes, “Do you want to work in this city again or have you gone completely nuts? My father, once he finds out, will blackball you.”

The man tried to hide his growing smirk as he asked her, “Do you even know what blackballing means? I mean I get that you probably heard your father say it in his office but I seriously doubt you understand half of what you are saying.”

Ashly’s understood enough to know she wasn’t getting her way as her face started warming with blood fueled rage. “You will put me in the Zippy Corn Pops commercial and that’s final!” She crossed her arms as she turned and presented her back to the man.

He started chuckling again as he turned to walk away.

Ashly spun upon the man with all the rage of a spoiled brat that had never been refused anything over their life. Her arms went up as she lunged and wrapped herself around the man’s lower leg. She sunk her teeth deep into the man’s calf.

Sully screamed out in pain and became unbalanced. He toppled forward and struck his head against a countertop with a sickening thud and slid the rest of the way down to the floor.

Ashly, no longer feeling any kind of reaction in her victim, released her jaw from his leg and spotted the splattering and streak arcing down towards the floor. She then heard the air escaping out of Sully’s lungs as she paused in horror and realization that she might have killed again. Her father had told her never to mention the incident at the Taco Bell back in Santa Fee but couldn’t but help think this was a repeat of that day. As she got back up on her feet she heard and saw as Sully’s chest went up again as they brought in a fresh lungful of air.

She found herself smirking in grim satisfaction. No, she hadn’t killed the man but he might as well have been dead for his career certainly was.

She reached over to his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. She thumbed through it and took what cash he had on hand. She then took the wallet and tossed the rest of it into a nearby garbage can on her way towards the lobby. She pulled out her cell phone and called her father.

It rang twice before her fathers assistant answered in a placating voice, “Hello Ashly. Did you get the part?”

She snapped back, “Shut it Rick, where’s my father.”

Rick answered quickly, “He is behind closed doors-“

She cut him off, “Give him the phone.”

“He’s having a meeting with the head of-“

She snapped again, “I don’t care. Give him the phone or so help me-“

Rick quibbled, “Yes Miss Bieber! Right away Miss Bieber!”

June 27 2017

I saw a bug

So I visited a different writing group tonight and they gave us a writing prompt.

It had to include two sentences and start with the words “The bloody…” I capitalized those sentences and took some liberties on the second one rearranging its structure though the spirit of it is still there, at least IMO.

Enjoy this twisted mess…

The bloody tampon wouldn’t go down. She flushed it several more times and still, the damn thing kept bobbing back up. Another heavy pounding struck the outside of the restroom. Alisa felt another shiver fizzle down her spine.

She heard a man’s voice calling out from the far side of the door. It was a man’s voice she recognized. “Hey buddy, it looks like she’s going to be a while, I’m sure she’s going to be out soon enough. No need to make a scene.”

A huskier voice answered her mother’s boyfriend. It was sounded in a volume loud enough for everyone to hear, “If she doesn’t get out of there and quickly there’s going to be a scene.”

Alisa looked over and into the toilet again. The used tampon seemed to look back up at her with a sadistic grin on its bloodied face. She contemplated reaching her hand down and plucking the fucker out of the bowl and tossing it into the trash receptacle but the sight of the caked on feces the string had wrapped itself around was still too much for her stomach just yet.

She heard her mother’s boyfriends voice just outside the door, “Hey Alisa, you okay in there?” Not waiting for an answer, “Any chance you can hurry up in there?” He then spoke in a softer tone, “She just turned thirteen last week.”

Alisa’s gaze bounced between the door, the empty paper towel dispenser, and feces covered tampon. She mumbled out, “Almost done.”

The heavy fist of the man needing to relieve himself pounded upon the door once more.

Her eyes darted once more, as if in slow motion, between the tampon and the trashcan. She felt her life being defined by this moment, as if somehow her actions here and now would forever alter her path upon life. She stepped over to the bowl and tried to push the thought of what she was about to do out of her mind.

Her mind thought of the movie she had seen just weeks ago during her history class when they had the substitute teacher. As most subs tend to do, he let them watch a movie, the movie was Saving Private Ryan. She recalled how when the soldiers were on the beach under fire from the German’s, how time seemed to slow down as if everything had extra meaning. She realized in that exact moment how LIFE SEEMS TO SHRINK OR EXPAND IN PROPORTION TO ONES COURAGE.

Thinking no further she thrust her hand down into the bowl. She grabbed the bloodied end of the tampon not caught in the feces and pulled it out of the bowl. As if avoiding gunfire, she bound herself towards the trashcan and dropped the tampon within as if was some grenade being tossed within a German Bunker.

He exhaled and it was then that she noticed the slappy brown mess that had been created against her forearm from the string.

She let out a shriek of terror.

Alan called out, “Alisa! What’s wrong?”

She darted towards the sink and couldn’t turn on the water fast enough. The sink was one of those that had to have pressure put upon it in order to operate so she had a hard time getting water out and washing at the same time.

“Alisa! Are you okay?”

She called out, “Yeah- I-” She answered quickly knowing she had to come up with something. “I saw a bug.”

The man waiting outside pounded even harder, “Just open the fucking door!”

Alisa could hear the desperation in the man’s voice as she found herself stepping back from the sink and unlocking the door. No sooner had she flipped it was she moving towards the sink again. She focused on washing the rest of her hands again as she caught sight of the man through the scratched aluminum surface, which served as the room’s mirror, burst through the door and land upon the seat in record Olympic time. She didn’t even know the man and already knew she knew him if far too intimate of a way. She knew life wasn’t always pretty but on days like today, especially on days like today, you really wished LIFE wasn’t so much of a DRAWING that didn’t include AN ERASER.

June 20 2017

Terry… you make me snicker…

Terry then got behind the cart and started pushing as he cursed aloud and said, “It must be the end of the world for me to be doing physical labor.”

Oh Terry, how I love you.

I’ve spent much of the night going over the duty statement for a job I’m applying for on Thursday. I got a better understanding of what it entails and what will be required of me should they select me. That didn’t stop Terry from channeling his thoughts through me just now which resulted in the above.

Okay Terry, get back into the mental corner so I can get back to what I was doing.


June 20 2017

Very productive day

Yesterday, with my boss gone, I had a very productive day.

The funny thing is these shit for brains people think that by being draconian they are somehow making things better. Oh well… whatcha going to do? Ya can’t fix stupid.

What else? I have another interview this coming Thursday with another state agency, hopefully, this one pans out. Over the past six/seven months I’ve had about that many interviews. It’s always hard to say what it is that makes one person more attractive than the other seeing how biased people can be to their own little-twisted versions of reality.

After that, I’m going to be out for a month recovering from a nasal surgery. I wouldn’t normally need that kind of recovery time seeing how just two hours after getting a vasectomy I was up and doing laundry and picking up the kids as if nothing had ever happened. I can tolerate pain quite well but who am I to judge? I mean it’s not like I’ve lived with myself for over forty years. But since my boss is being such a d-bag, she is essentially forcing me to be out the entire span of these four weeks… so… I guess I will be out collecting insurance and ‘recovering’.

Besides my current works in progress, I wonder what ‘other kinds’ of stories I could come up over my down time?


FACT: I will enjoy these next few weeks


June 10 2017

WIP ~ This is a goodbye

The following is an excerpt (1st draft) from my current work in progress (StarName)



[Hi, you’ve reached Jackie, David, and Shaun. Please leave a message at the beep.] - [BEEP]
Sebastian paused as he wasn’t expecting to hear a strange man’s name. He knew his career, especially lately, 
kept him busy but now he was questioning just how long it had been since he last called. These last six months 
had been especially hectic but now he feared it had been longer than he had realized. He hadn’t even been 
aware of her seeing anyone. Doing his best to push down his initial fear and resentment, he tried to focus on 
her being happy and finding somebody to share her life with, even if the world was on the verge of ending. 
He felt a surge of panic as he considered just what kind of issues might be going on between this new man 
and his son. He started to speak and found that the words coming out of his mouth were born of his suspicions, 
“David? Is there something I need to know about?” He immediately felt guilty and knew he had no right to 
question Jackie’s choices and he just made himself sound petty. “Damn that came out wrong. Sorry.” He exhaled, 
“I don’t know why you still have one of these archaic machines when the rest of the world uses stuff technology 
that allows me to erase stupid gaffs and rerecord themselves.” He gave a quick laugh, “Sometimes I think you still 
use it so you can catch me when I’m not at my best.” His voice then softened, “Which is probably more often than 
I would like to remember seeing how we aren’t together anymore.” He paused and his brief moment of silence 
started taking root and growing. “Anyway...”
June 3 2017

Some Random Thoughts

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” – Tim Burton 


I read this somewhere online and couldn’t but help think of my work environment. Somebody there is just so off in her own reality she can’t see can’t see why nothing is growing cause she just keeps poisoning the soil.

I swear…

So a couple of days ago she calls me into a 1on1 little meeting and tries to play nice. I play along and as the conversation turns to morale type issues she asks my opinion of something. I explain to her that she has this habit of only hearing what she wants to hear and then gets fixated on it like a pitbull and doesn’t let go. In truth, I didn’t use those exact words, but you get the idea. She asks for an example and my brain starts going through a rewind. I bring up an incident of topic “A” and then seven words in say something like I’m sorry that is a bad example, let me start over with topic “B”. I didn’t realize it at the time but she had already locked her jaws onto addressing topic “A” and didn’t hear a damn word of topic “B”. As she is ranting away I try telling her “You’re doing it again, right here, right now” and of course she can’t see it because her mind is locked. How to you tell a stupid bitch of a mutt to let go of the thing she has locked her mouth around when it’s not even what’s there?

How does that phrase go? You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink?

How do you get a deaf person to listen to you? Keeping poking them? Hey, lookout! We are heading towards a tree!

How do you get a person with blinders on to understand what they are doing wrong? Put in on your blog on the web?

Oh and then she gave me this spiel about us being there 8 hours a day and therefore we are required to produce 8 hours worth of work. It took everything I had not to break out laughing at her. She is such a tool…

Do you want to know why nobody likes you? We can’t stand you. People are human beings with unique personalities and problems and issues and we aren’t worker drones. We are organic and squishy and have weakness and strengths. You think we all need to match some automated mold you have envisioned in your mind. It don’t work that way and the sooner you figure that out the better off your life is going to be. Yes some of us have room to grow. Yes some of us like to goof off now and again. It’s called being human.

I came up with another example I can use with her. Let’s say you are a child at the dinner table, let’s say your parent/boss says “Finish your broccoli before you go.” Let’s say you do finish your broccoli. Does she let you get up from the dinner table? Hell no. She’s standing right there with another scooping of broccoli.

She has lost it.

I have tried working with her in the past but every time I get something done she is ready there was her serving spoon.

Screw that.



Oh… I had three interviews the week before this last one. Two were at the same agency (same day, two hours apart) and the third was at another office. I got word back from the other office that I wasn’t selected but she told me I interviewed great and it was a close call. That is both promising and depressing at the same time. I’m happily defeated?

I’m pushing out applications. 🙂