May 7 2017

Chris Pratt in 3 steps



I can say I’m very fluent in #1 (self-amuse)

#2 Practice reframing negative situations in a positive light. (Me, not so much. This is where my realist side kicks in.) I believe in balance and not ignoring the obvious. Hey, you are heading towards a tree with your car, maybe you should think about changing your direction??? Instead of “Oh yeah! I love trees!”

#3 Crack jokes that build people up instead of tearing them down. I would like to think I try to do this.


Overall I would give myself an average score of  6.66 of 10 (#1 is 9of10, #2 is 4of10, #3 is 7of10).




April 25 2017

Uhh… I’ve gotten 2,000 words today.

Im now past 14,000 words in part 3.

Im still playing with the idea of having one of my primary characters surviving a nuclear blast. I have the means figured outbut not the why. I think im trying to find a “why should i keep you alive?”

The best answer i have is “so i can kill you in the final act” and i dont think thats enough reason.