July 15 2018

ASS (Another Short Something)

It could be more…?

I’m just fiddling around right now before work.

The kids have another month before heading back to school.

(I can’t wait)

Yeah, yeah… I know.





“Dude, that’s disgusting.”

Randy looked away from his hand that had been digging his hot fries through his strawberry shake and gave her a look. “Disgusting?” He shoved the double-wide dipped fries into his mouth and said, “Saiys youw?” He gave a few quick chomps and swallowed before adding, “The queen of liquification? The smells that come out of your blender puts sewers to shame.”

She gave him the look. The look that said he was entering couch sleeping territory. He felt himself smirking cause he had always liked how the couch felt. It was one of the things that had to stay when they had agreed to move in together after college. As he pushed his tongue out he felt bits of chewed food brush against his lips. “Gorgeous,” she said.

He gave his signature chuckle as his brows narrowed back at her.

With a bit of a scowl, she then added, “Lipstick on a pig.”

July 14 2018

July 19th is coming up

Are you still reading this? I know I’ve been negligent in updating my site but am I doing it for you or for myself? It’s my site about my writings and a sprinkling of personal things. Its genesis is based upon fiction, or is it?

July 19th


July 6 2018

Hey, it’s me again!

July 6th and a new post?

I’m going to keep this short as I don’t have much time before I need to pack up and head over to work.

Introspection time: As much as money is a required asset, so is time.

I’m feeling good right now plicking away at the keyboard. I need to do this more often. (grumbling) Dang kids. (Obscure Scooby Doo joke –>) “And I would have had more time to do the things I wanted to do if it hadn’t been for these meddling kids”.

Yes, “plicking” is a word, at least for the duration of this piece.

My kids are 7 & 11, and as nasty as this sounds, I can’t wait for them to grow up**

This is the selfish me talking here who would love to find more time in my day for personal desires. In truth, I don’t wish time their time or anyone’s time to be fleeting. That is a crime that can never be recovered. Kids are only young and naive for so long. They are the embodiment of innocense**. I love watching my idyllic virgin spirited children throw each other under the bus when it comes to avoiding chores.

Okay, my times about up.

I need to start packing up.


Hey, at least its a post.

July 2 2018

Happy July 2nd (2 months since last post???)

Its been two friggin months since my last post? What the hell Dave…

Yes, my kids are out of school.

Yes on my days off I have a honey-do-list three miles long.

Yes, I’m trying to brush up my tech skills through classes and videos.

Yes, I’m also lazy and need downtime in order to recharge my batteries.


But two months worth of lazy?


Sad Dave, sad.


I got some good news though. Our efforts to evict a certain small-minded obstructive blight of humanity have picked up significant traction as of late.

The fight continues.

Peace negotiations went out the window long ago when somebody started up with “I am the law!” bullshit. A refusal to even acknowledge or even listen to differing opinions is…



May 9 2018

Hello and Goodbye

Hello again,

I don’t know if I posted this below or not, memory has been kinda foggy over these past few weeks, but I’m working on cleaning up my Barbash story. Some years ago I had attempted this before. Between life’s many interruptions, family stuff, new story ideas that, and “computer dying” crap, I found myself puttering out.

This year has been no different.

Still, I find myself yearning to get something published.

Even now, in another browser tab, I’m looking up how to revive my tablet computer. The thing is acting all wonky on me and making me think I just need to toss the thing and get something newer.

Life keeps moving and before you know it, all your times is up.

Another piece of news is that my mom has officially moved out of her Sacramento house. She will come to visit us on occasion and stay in our guest room.

So what is with the goodbye in my header? In my head right now I keep circling the elephant but am afraid to call it out into the light. So I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Parkinson is a bitch. Just a few days ago my mother-in-law passed away. I don’t want to say goodbye but the choice was never mine to make. As cheesy as this sounds I’m going to quote Gandalf in saying “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

I want to be a better husband, father, writer, good human being, and cropduster. I just don’t get the Dwights in the world. Why make evil when it is already dark enough as it is?

My kids are now 7 & 11 and my time with them is fleetingly precious. I also want to do some things for myself. Am I selfish? Is buckling down and getting it down ignoring something else? I mean my kids are kinda useless when it comes to stuff. Whose fault is this? They are kids and haven’t reached the tween-plus years fully.

Mine? False expectations on my part?

There are a plethora of projects that need doing around our house. Summer vacation is almost upon us and I’m looking forward to taking my kids on little mini trips here and there. What is right? Spin more wheels and not get anything done or focus selfishly on what it’s going to take to finish something? I mean how much therapy am I going to cause them later in life? Will they turn into cold-hearted schrutes later in life?

For now at least… I need to wrap this entry up and go pick up my kids. I have to take my daughter in for her allergy shots.

There is always something going on….

…the time that is given…


April 27 2018

Don’t eat chicken poo

The things you talk about while hanging out with a four-year-old.

I would like to do some thinking/writing but the discussion is causing my brain to…




She has named her three backyard chickens “Judge Judy”, “Mac”, and “Cheese.”

Yeah… I’m not getting any writing done.


Do I at least get credit for trying?

April 11 2018

New group? & FU Parkinson’s

Today is Wednesday and I’m sitting in a local public library. I’m here early awaiting the arrival of the head of a writing group I am thinking of joining. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay with the group today as I have to head out to the airport to pick up my mother-in-laws sister. I hope this group works out. Life keeps changing on me and I’ve had to drop out of the other groups I had been a part of. My auntie-in-law (is that a thing?) is coming up from LA to try and help her sister during the later stages of Parkinson’s.

I just met the lady and introduced myself. She seems nice enough but that doesn’t mean squat as ego’s about one’s writing are timid beasts and can often wear a facade of pleasantness. We have all run across people like this. My most recent was the two-faced Macho & Dwight stuporvisor team but thankfully that is now the past.

Well, that’s it for now.

It’s time to pack up and head out to my BRAND NEW car.

I’m honestly trying to get back into writing and blogging more.

Oh… I also need to say that trying to clean out a cherry red ICEE stain from your carpet sucks. I spent over an hour trying to lift it out from when my son came in at 2am and barfed all along the side of our bed. He is 7 and half and it didn’t occur to him to go the toilet first.


IbeCEEing you later

April 6 2018

It’s been over a month (slacking again)

Wow… where does the time go?

When I was working downtown I had a significant amount of idle train time to do things… like writing.  Well since I’ve gotten out of that dead end I’ve found I’ve had even less time to devote to my now seemingly forgotten pastime pleasure.

I’m still working (4x) 10 hour days and actually getting home earlier than I was when I was working 8 hour days and ridding Regional Transient. Still, with my education, helping the kids out with their homework, and plinking away at the never-ending honey-do-list, I’m not managing to find the time I once had.

(Bright side cheesy grin) at least I’m getting paid more now than I was making when I quit the private sector to work for the state. You could say, with all the promotions and reclassifications, that I’m now making double what I was getting at Schrutte* farms. I was even able to afford my getting myself my new car :), but as well all know, that was already covered in a prior post.

Speaking of writing, I will get back to thee. The passion isn’t gone, only the availability of time. I’ve even come up with another story idea using fragments of another story I had some years ago. This one involves a hobo being picked up by an NFL team but for reasons which will remain close to my chest until its flesh out more. Originally I had the premise but about a week ago I had a dream and it went sideways (the best kind of dreams if you ask me) and it gave me a whole new angle/spin on the story idea. I now know more about why the hobo is so special and the true backstory.

What else… I’ve recently spent $84 and renewed a couple of my domains for a few more years as they were getting close to expiring. Can’t let that happen. To do so would be insufferable, infuriating, or rather inexcusable. It would be an act of self-insubordination to the highest degree.

I guess that is it for now as I need to get back to the house and await the arrival of a roof repairman. Let me tell you having a 4day by 10hour schedule rocks.

Tootles bitches 😛


February 28 2018

A month? I’m such a slacker (… in space…..)

Its been over a month since I posted anything? I’m such a slacker.

Between my online classes and acclimating to my new job, my blog has kinda gotten ignored. If you couldn’t have guessed, the same is true for much of my writings. Eek!

I got good news though. In between the three raises, two job promotions, and a reclass adjustment which has yet to be officialized by my HR department, I went out and bought myself that new car I had been wanting. I bought it yesterday.

This is it…






I figure in another couple of months, once I get more of a handle on my new job, I can once again start focusing on editing and creating more story content. The ideas keep coming. One I had was to have “Joe Astronaut” have his mission to Mars ship suffer a catastrophic incident which causes a huge hole to be blown into the side of his ship. Yeah, not that original. Wait…

So he dawns his space suit and attempts repairs but finds he can’t do enough to stay alive or make any kind of trip back home. He is left adrift and alone until he runs out of oxygen. Well as time stretches ever so slowly his mind races through his memories which span several long chapters as you relive each of these events only to have each and everyone end up back with him being alone and all that much closer to death in the void of space. Feeling the happy love yet? He is asphyxiation on what little oxygen he has left when he spots one of the nearby stars getting brighter. He thinks he’s going to watch a supernova explode halfway across the universe and accepts that it is kinda of a cool way to go, you know with some sort of big bang. As he watches the intensity increases he comes to realize that the light is actually moving. He blacks out.

He slowly comes to thinking he is just waking from a nap he was taking back on the earth in his study. Only the hum of things isn’t quite right and he opens his eyes to find he is laying back on a sterile apple store looking couch in a nearly bland room with but a single viewport showing the stars and the earth in the background. He is no longer in his spacesuit but in some rob looking garments. he has been saved. This goes on with the aliens introducing themselves and them taking him to the earth. He becomes a hero of sorts as the first person to make contact with an alien species etc… and all he had to do was die, or come really close to having done so in order to have it all happen.

He lives out the next span of time going on talk shows and meeting the dignitaries and dealing with his family and stuff but over the course of it he finds he is constantly tired. No matter how much rest or sleep he gets, he can’t seem to recover. Doctors and even the alien tech can’t seem to identify what the cause might be. Finally after some time, and his inability to fight off his sense of tiredness. He lays down on his bed to surrender to what he thinks is the end of his life in peace.

The scene cuts back to his ship and the explosion and his now inert body looking out at the now fading supernovas light that is receding to the blackness of its death. The last bit of its life having flashed by right before his inert eyes.






Maybe, maybe not. It comes down to how it’s presented. I think it has some potential but like I said I got more ideas that I got time to write them. Its so frustrating *(1st world problem)


At least my life is now moving in the dwight direction now. 😛