November 14 2017

StarBabe Update ~53k now

Yep. Yesterday I broke down my latest writings and found out I had crossed the 50k mark. (smiles to self). I hadn’t realized I had done so with all the fragmented writing I’ve done over the past month or so.

I’m still plugging away on it and hope/expect to finish out around the 60k mark. Then I have to do the hard part and dive back into the thing and start cleaning it up. I left a good many **CleanupLater marks in the thing. I utilize the (StarStar) marks as my “get back too” markers. Sometimes I don’t use the same name throughout my works as my writing is so fragmented in when and where I get to do it. Another trick I often do is use simple generic names throughout a story and then when I get near the end and I have finally figured out what my characters final names are going to be are simply swapped out through the find and replace option in my writing software. I’ve used “Bob”, “Tina”, or even “Asshole” as temp names for various characters or villains. My latest story had me using “RedShirt2” as a human female marine sniper. I still don’t know what her final name is going to be but I’m not done with the story so there is no hurry as the [Control] + [F] keyboard keys are so forgiving.

Without wanting to give away too much, right now I have my heroes shooting it out on the beach of mostly water world with the alien bad guys. I’m working on the final parts of the story and wrapping the various threads back in on itself which can often be the most problematic as you don’t want to leave anything dangling.


What else…

Over this last weekend, I got to watch over two additional kids as their parents went on a short trip to New Orleans. The child, nine, was a walking lying machine.  It was so funny how in one instance, he started down the steps with one version of a story, and upon reaching the bottom, had a completely different version and had contradicted everything else he had said on the way down.

It kind of made me think back to my Dwight and how immature she has to be to think she is being genuine.



I’m in training all week. It’s kind of job-related but it’s also a nice break as it gives me some mental separation from my prior Dwight going into my new job. I swear new boss has such a low bar to cross in comparison to what came before.


TOOTLES and Kisses


November 14 2017

Dwight until the end…

Hello Peoples,


So on my last day at the Dwight job, she pulled me aside and told me in a very stern voice, “You need to learn to listen to management.” I then said, “Point taken, now do you also agree that you could stand to listen to the members of your staff?”

She wasn’t having any of it.


Associations, hierarchies, organizations, are all really nothing more than partnerships in disguise.


There is no cure for stupid but self-admission. I don’t see her ever coming to this realization.


Out of a team of 8 people I was the 5th to leave over the last 12 month period. She, of course, is ignoring this fact as she likes to think that we all had other reasons for leaving. Yeah, I can admit there is some truth to this. I mean you don’t go to the grocery store for just “eggs” and typically pick up milk or other items while you are there. But the fact that you still went for and got the eggs is lost on her. The eggs in this example was the egg-scape but (ssshhhh) she’s too whacked to see through my little disguise. I guess what they say is true, ignorance is indeed bliss.


Note to self: No matter how hard you try to point out the obvious, you still can’t fix the stupid.




November 3 2017

The Stupid… it Burns…

Hello Peoples,


Okay, I got another ‘how stupid is Dwight’ story.

So my new boss and I had it worked out that I would start my new position over there on the 20th of November. He had a training class and I had a training class.

We discussed it.

I didn’t need to know the specifics of his and he didn’t seem to care about the specifics of mine, we had an understanding.

So yesterday I send my current Dwight an email about my accepting his job offer and my last day in her unit. Her, typical as is her behavior, tried once more to screw one of her employees over again. You see once she knows you want something she goes out of her way to screw it up.

The stupid… it burns….

She, using some false justification, released me from my job earlier than I was requesting. I had given her the standard two weeks+ notice and she shortened it so that I wouldn’t be allowed to attend the training class. She went out of her way to make sure I couldn’ attend it by releasing me earlier.

Yep, this is that kind of vindictive(stupid/cruel)

So my new boss, already loving this man, sends me an email saying I will start in his unit on the earlier date but he will allow me to still attend the training. He says “I’m going to have to suffer getting a bump in pay earlier than I had originally planned.”

Love it!

So her trying to screw me backfired again*. Thanks for the extra $200 Dwight 😉

This woman wastes more taxpayer money.

The stupid… IT BURNS!

[ * = She had me stay out of work for a 4 week period due to surgery I had for a deviated septum. I got all sorts of projects done around the house while getting paid to do them = Win/Win. The wife keeps joking that I need to sign myself up for even more surgeries. ]

One of these days I’m going to have to post more stuff about my actual stories again (or am I already doing it 😛 )

You can’t make this stuff up.


November 3 2017

Work ethic (???) Are you Loki crazy?

Hello Peoples,


I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t this blog about writing?” It is. It’s just about so many facets of a writers life; all of it in the “first draft”.

So yesterday (THORsday for those keeping track) I accepted one of the offers I had floating out there. I feel good. I feel really good. Before I had accepted the one I contacted some of my other contacts about other interviews I had gone on and you know what? They all said I had done really well (even if I had personally thought otherwise), and thought I had a good work ethic.

That was really humbling and appreciated.

It’s nice to hear that other people actually see what I do to get my work done.

My (soon to be prior) Dwight doesn’t see it. She never will. It’s so sad…. and I’m not talking about that in a selfish way. I mean she is a waste of a human being in that she chooses not to see her own nose in spite of everyone else. She is the embodiment of loathing and denial.

Yeah, I can make a typo now and again. I can also amend other peoples typos when I catch them and cover for them. Apparently, that stuff is never acknowledged and so my work goes unappreciated.

… (Smug thoughts in the spirit of humor) …

Oh well, their loss.



No longer shall I play the role of “designated decoy” to protect my fellow team members. Now they must face the trickster all on their own. (Or…. they could always request union representation?)




Tonight the new Thor movie comes out. Small factoid of random stupid stuff. It was almost four years ago to the day when the last Thor movie came out and I accepted my current job. I was so excited to see that movie as I for this latest one. One could humorously say I play the role of Thor, fighting the trickster Loki while trying to save Asgard.

(WTF man? Are you high? That sounds so stupid.)

No, not high. Not high like Dwight likes to get once she gets home to the ranch.

Yes, I know.

I know a good many things about Dwight.


My battle may be over but there the war continues as there is still a Poolman that needs to be taken down.




Disclaimer: In order to write successfully one must stir emotions and live vicariously through characters that they both create and borrow from the real world. Have I done that? Be honest, you don’t know what to think right now.

November 1 2017

(Unofficially) I’m Free!

Hello Peoples,


I have it from reliable sources that my work plight is soon to be over.

More to come on this topic at a later time.


On a quasi-related note, my Dwight pulled me into another 1on1 yesterday. She had some bitter words for me over my actions of late. I just rolled with her jabs and flicked a few volleys back of my own. Nothing serious mind you but enough to “MAYBE” get her to think about herself.

INTROSPECTION: It’s what people with heads up their asses lack.

I’m sure everyone understands the movie/TV trope of where a couple breaks up and the person breaking the relationship says “It’s not you, it’s me.” We all know they are just saying that to make the transition as seamless as possible. We, the outside observer, know this as true. The fictional delusional participant, not so much.

That is my current(soon to be prior) work environment.

She thinks I escape work to donate blood (etc…) to get away from “doing work”. I had to exercise great control not to laugh in her face and blurt out something like “It’s all you sugar tits!” I will have made the fifth person to leave over the past 12 month period out of a staff of 8 for the unit.

I’m going to do some quick math…

Cube 1 – Mr. R. (Left 1 month ago after being in unit for close to 10 years – took a lateral to get away)

Cube 2 – Mr. L. (Left the month after his 6-month probation ended – took a lateral to get away)

Cube 3 – Mr. N. (new guy and still under his 6-month probation – 1 month left)

Cube 4 – Mr. A. (new guy and still under his 6-month probation – 5 months left)

Cube 5 – Mr. T. (been there 4 years and is po’d pretty significantly)

Cube 6 – Dwight Schrutte (been in charge for 13 months now)

Cube 7 – Mrs. K. (new gal and still under her 6-month probation – 1 month left)

Cube 8 – Mrs. H. (been there 5 years and is actively looking for other jobs)

Cube 9 – Mr. Wheee!!!! (I’m free!!!) – promotional limited term position

The additional personnel should also be mentioned.

Mrs. S. (left 2 months into Dwight’s reign – got a promotion into an adjoining unit)

Mrs. C. (left 8 months into Dwight’s reign for a limited term lateral in an adjoining unit)


Well, that’s it for now.





October 30 2017

+650 more to StarBabe

My weekend was busy.

I got to; take my daughter to a med clinic due to her strep throat, visit Costco, work in my yard, help a neighbor dig out and put in two new fence posts, help my wife with her cabinet project, do laundry, and somehow sneak in a nap.

On the train into work, I got some more words down on my story. I’m still pushing towards the end of the story but now I’m having to wrap up all the loose ends which can tend to make things go slower.

Such is life


October 27 2017

Oct 27th… 44 apps so far this month

I was even gone for a week of it.

I’m trying…



On the bright side, I had three interviews (+1 2nd round) but so far no offers.


I think this brings my total applications to around 350.

So… this still begs the question… “what is preventing me from landing something?”

Is there something sabotaging me like a record in my file? Is somebody saying things of a dubious nature? Is it my own dumb ass mouth or skillset just not what they are looking for?

Hard to say.

(I wouldn’t put it past me to say something stupid from time to pancake)



I just know that eventually, with hard work, and a little luck (which I’ve apparently had none to have reached 350), I will eventually get something that can utilize my skills with while still being enjoyable.

(*Note to self: Stop using the pull-my-finger joke during interviews*)



what else…


I’m still plugging away on StarBabe (Yes temp title until something better crosses my mind). I would say I’m at etching closer to 50k. Can’t say for certain as I know it will happen and I don’t need to sweat the small stuff.


Still working on my front yard.

Last weekend I had to drive to Jackson in order to pick up an assortment(125) of bricks to finish up the border for my lawn. I didn’t actually place any in my lawn yet as it took an hour to get there, an hour to get the bricks loaded, an hour to drive back, and another hour to unload all of it. After dealing with the kids and all their “We want food” stuff my day was over with.


Thor movie. I can’t wait to watch that. It’s still a week away but I’m getting anxious 🙂