April 11 2018

New group? & FU Parkinson’s

Today is Wednesday and I’m sitting in a local public library. I’m here early awaiting the arrival of the head of a writing group I am thinking of joining. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay with the group today as I have to head out to the airport to pick up my mother-in-laws sister. I hope this group works out. Life keeps changing on me and I’ve had to drop out of the other groups I had been a part of. My auntie-in-law (is that a thing?) is coming up from LA to try and help her sister during the later stages of Parkinson’s.

I just met the lady and introduced myself. She seems nice enough but that doesn’t mean squat as ego’s about one’s writing are timid beasts and can often wear a facade of pleasantness. We have all run across people like this. My most recent was the two-faced Macho & Dwight stuporvisor team but thankfully that is now the past.

Well, that’s it for now.

It’s time to pack up and head out to my BRAND NEW car.

I’m honestly trying to get back into writing and blogging more.

Oh… I also need to say that trying to clean out a cherry red ICEE stain from your carpet sucks. I spent over an hour trying to lift it out from when my son came in at 2am and barfed all along the side of our bed. He is 7 and half and it didn’t occur to him to go the toilet first.


IbeCEEing you later

April 6 2018

It’s been over a month (slacking again)

Wow… where does the time go?

When I was working downtown I had a significant amount of idle train time to do things… like writing.  Well since I’ve gotten out of that dead end I’ve found I’ve had even less time to devote to my now seemingly forgotten pastime pleasure.

I’m still working (4x) 10 hour days and actually getting home earlier than I was when I was working 8 hour days and ridding Regional Transient. Still, with my education, helping the kids out with their homework, and plinking away at the never-ending honey-do-list, I’m not managing to find the time I once had.

(Bright side cheesy grin) at least I’m getting paid more now than I was making when I quit the private sector to work for the state. You could say, with all the promotions and reclassifications, that I’m now making double what I was getting at Schrutte* farms. I was even able to afford my getting myself my new car :), but as well all know, that was already covered in a prior post.

Speaking of writing, I will get back to thee. The passion isn’t gone, only the availability of time. I’ve even come up with another story idea using fragments of another story I had some years ago. This one involves a hobo being picked up by an NFL team but for reasons which will remain close to my chest until its flesh out more. Originally I had the premise but about a week ago I had a dream and it went sideways (the best kind of dreams if you ask me) and it gave me a whole new angle/spin on the story idea. I now know more about why the hobo is so special and the true backstory.

What else… I’ve recently spent $84 and renewed a couple of my domains for a few more years as they were getting close to expiring. Can’t let that happen. To do so would be insufferable, infuriating, or rather inexcusable. It would be an act of self-insubordination to the highest degree.

I guess that is it for now as I need to get back to the house and await the arrival of a roof repairman. Let me tell you having a 4day by 10hour schedule rocks.

Tootles bitches 😛


February 28 2018

A month? I’m such a slacker (… in space…..)

Its been over a month since I posted anything? I’m such a slacker.

Between my online classes and acclimating to my new job, my blog has kinda gotten ignored. If you couldn’t have guessed, the same is true for much of my writings. Eek!

I got good news though. In between the three raises, two job promotions, and a reclass adjustment which has yet to be officialized by my HR department, I went out and bought myself that new car I had been wanting. I bought it yesterday.

This is it…






I figure in another couple of months, once I get more of a handle on my new job, I can once again start focusing on editing and creating more story content. The ideas keep coming. One I had was to have “Joe Astronaut” have his mission to Mars ship suffer a catastrophic incident which causes a huge hole to be blown into the side of his ship. Yeah, not that original. Wait…

So he dawns his space suit and attempts repairs but finds he can’t do enough to stay alive or make any kind of trip back home. He is left adrift and alone until he runs out of oxygen. Well as time stretches ever so slowly his mind races through his memories which span several long chapters as you relive each of these events only to have each and everyone end up back with him being alone and all that much closer to death in the void of space. Feeling the happy love yet? He is asphyxiation on what little oxygen he has left when he spots one of the nearby stars getting brighter. He thinks he’s going to watch a supernova explode halfway across the universe and accepts that it is kinda of a cool way to go, you know with some sort of big bang. As he watches the intensity increases he comes to realize that the light is actually moving. He blacks out.

He slowly comes to thinking he is just waking from a nap he was taking back on the earth in his study. Only the hum of things isn’t quite right and he opens his eyes to find he is laying back on a sterile apple store looking couch in a nearly bland room with but a single viewport showing the stars and the earth in the background. He is no longer in his spacesuit but in some rob looking garments. he has been saved. This goes on with the aliens introducing themselves and them taking him to the earth. He becomes a hero of sorts as the first person to make contact with an alien species etc… and all he had to do was die, or come really close to having done so in order to have it all happen.

He lives out the next span of time going on talk shows and meeting the dignitaries and dealing with his family and stuff but over the course of it he finds he is constantly tired. No matter how much rest or sleep he gets, he can’t seem to recover. Doctors and even the alien tech can’t seem to identify what the cause might be. Finally after some time, and his inability to fight off his sense of tiredness. He lays down on his bed to surrender to what he thinks is the end of his life in peace.

The scene cuts back to his ship and the explosion and his now inert body looking out at the now fading supernovas light that is receding to the blackness of its death. The last bit of its life having flashed by right before his inert eyes.






Maybe, maybe not. It comes down to how it’s presented. I think it has some potential but like I said I got more ideas that I got time to write them. Its so frustrating *(1st world problem)


At least my life is now moving in the dwight direction now. 😛





January 25 2018

International MILF’ing Duty

So tonight im working one of the booths during international night at my kids school.

As im looking over the crowd i cant but help notice all the milfs coming in with their husbands. All the men, at least to my MILF’ing standards, look to be several rungs further down on the fugly scale.

Then it hits me.

My wife is also hot…

January 15 2018

Hello 2018

Wow, its been almost three weeks since I posted something. Either I’ve been lazy or I’ve been busy. Honestly, it’s been a bit of both. Remember that crack robot game I mentioned earlier? Well… (sheepish grin)… I’ve been kinda busy (hey its been real things too).


Let me catch you all up on what’s new.


I got another new job. This one is a staff position, which is another step up, and it’s much closer to home. I’m going to start a week from today and it has me working four ten hour shifts which means I’m going to get a three day weekend every week. Hello awesome! The only bad part is I’m going to have to work Friday through Monday which means my family weekend time is going to be limited. What is good about it however, is that I’m going to be able to take some real classes on Tuesday and Thursdays after getting the kids to school. Another perk is I’m going to be available to help out at my old unit since I’ve now officially a steward.




What else… I’m looking to buy myself a brand new car. My existing car, while fully functional, is 12 years old. I’ve been itching to get something new. I started looking at the Honda Fit but then changed gears towards the Civic hatchback. The ‘trim’ or package I’m looking for, as of my calling the 20 closest dealers around Sacramento CA, which included the bay area and northern Nevada, resulted in no dealers having what I wanted. This means I’m going to play the wait and see when comes in game while just saving up more money.


As to writing? I’m still doing it but don’t foresee myself having the same time I used to as I have enrolled myself into 3 classes over the spring semester. I’m attempting to (re)sharpen up my server admin skills from how they’ve been rotting out these last four years at that armpit of a job I had under the ‘Macho Dwight’ regime. No Dwight isn’t macho unless you consider her mustache as macho.


Well, that’s it for now…





December 26 2017

Smell that? (Random Story)

The smell reminded him of old band aids and not in a fresh from the box sort of way. It was the kind of nasty you could only find upon taking off a ripe six week old cast that had been worn while trekking across the entire span of the American southwest during summer.

Gunther kept focusing on breathing through his mouth. He pushed his arm down in order to stabilize the wobbly kitchen table that looked to have been purchased back in the 1960’s. The design of the tables surface was so god awful he contemplated closing his eyes so he could block that from his mind as well. He couldn’t, she had sheers and he didn’t want to come away from this with anything less than he was expecting to lose.

The woman beside him slid the tip of the shears down the length of the cast. “Just think, another few minutes and you will be free of this thing.” Dr. Madox’s eyes met his and said, “Did you want to keep it, you know… as a memento?”

Gunther shook his head as he could feel his lips curling up in an involuntary sneer, “Uh, no thanks.”

She laughed, “Oh sure, you say that now-.” She inched the tip of the large cutting shears further down the length of his cast. “But come the day after next, when you wake up in the middle of the night realizing how much you could have sold the thing for on eBay…”

His sneer sharpened, “Please tell me you’re kidding with me.”

She answered by speaking to the air as if she was talking only within her head, “If I can convince him to leave it then I could sell it and keep the money.”

“Eewww… This thing reeks to high heaven.”

She met his gaze again, “Yes, mostly. You would be surprised at some of the fetishes there are out there. Two girls, one-”

He turned his head away, “Okay, enough already.”

“Oh, so you do know what I’m talking about?”

Without making direct eye contact he said to her, “Do you treat all your patients with this kind of bedside behavior?”

She laughed, “Oh don’t go pushing this off on me. It’s your twisted brother’s fault. I swear I would be just happy reading my latest smut novel in peace. But no, he rolls my way and shows me all the stuff he’s finding on his nightstand surfing pad. Two donkeys, one-”

Gunther blurted out, “Stop! He’s yours now. I don’t need the play-by-play of your nighttime activities in bed.”

Her brows came together, “Why all the sudden modesty? I mean you’re the older sibling. The stuff he tells me you showed him.”

Gunther shook his arm, “Can we keep this professional so I don’t have to go and report you or something.”

Her back stiffened, “What crawled up your butt?” Her eyes widened as she leaned towards the shears again, “Ahh, two midgets, one-”

Gunther began shaking his wrist, “Hello. Focus. Here and now please?” He then felt a sudden piercing pain and wished he hadn’t shook his forearm so feverishly. He had let out an involuntary yelp of pain.

“Did I get you?” She pulled back on the shears and saw the tip had a snip of flesh. “Looks like I did.”

Groaning, “I’ll have you know I’m not paying for this.”

She grumbled, “Just so long as you leave the cast here…”

December 19 2017

59,700 @ 98% of StarBabe is now written

I just took the time to break apart my latest fragment of StarBabe and did the number count. I’m still working on the very last chapter/epilogue right now and have been struggling with which direction I want things to end on. I think I’m going to have to get some outside opinions on the thing and just sketch out the two different draft versions for people to read.

I guess this means I’m going to have start cleaning this thing in order to make it presentable.


The Supreme Leader is dead, long live the Supreme Leader (in second draft).

December 19 2017

McScUse Me?

So this morning I walk into a local McDonalds to get some writing done before I head across town to my job. I like to wake up early and get my wordsies out early as I find I tend to get dumber/lazier throughout the day. Its just how my mind works and I’ve come to accept it. So I get in line and wait my turn for the cashier when a homeless person

*(is it wrong to say ‘man’ or if it was a male or a female? PC is so wrong. Let me just say it was an elderly Chinese lesbian with a hook for a left hand who is high as a kite and hope I’ve insulted everyone evenly enough. It wasn’t, but this is my ‘story’ so I can say whatever I want)

So as I’m standing there in line this person comes up to me and asks that I buy them something. I feel gullible and say “Sure, I’ll buy you a burrito.” I was going to buy myself a burrito and a tea so adding another dollar burrito isn’t that much of a deal. He then says, “I was hoping for an egg mcmuffin* (I honestly don’t remember exactly what he said but again, my story, bite me).  I look at him thinking ‘mother flipper, you ain’t going to eat better than me on my dime’. Then when the lady working the counter is finished with her existing customer she steps back to grab the next completed order tray and says to the homeless person next to me, “Your order is ready.”


I look at that tray and notice he already has three food items, that’s two more than I was going to order for myself. The homeless person then goes over to collect the tray and I do my best to ignore them. I then get my chance to place my order which now consisted of having but a single burrito. Having completed my order and turning away I see the same homeless person standing there with no tray in hand asking about the burrito I was originally going to buy for him. I reply to him while pointing at his tray over on the nearby table, “You already have your food.”

Am I a cold-hearted bastard? I think not. I hope not…

Dwight-les…(Tootles alteration for this particular story)