January 22 2020

True Stories – Both of them

So I was listening to a local radio station in my car on the way home after picking up my kids. They were discussing today’s random topic-

*Dad (I was just interrupted by my son with something stupid… I think it had to do with teaching his cat math)

-which was about waving back at people who

*Dad (interrupted again, by the same child, for the same reason.)

-weren’t actually waving at you in the first place. I had a funny version of that where I was stopped at a light, behind some old bitty and waiting for the light to

*Dad (again, same, more)

-change green. We’ll as soon as the light went-

*Dad (again, same)

green, she started moving but then slammed on her brakes. I was caught off guard from this and couldn’t stop my own momentum having just stepped on the gas myself. My car ended up hitting her bumper-

*Dad (again)

-but thankfully not causing any “real” damage. It turns out the reason she braked was that some guy ahead of her was waving to his buddy who was walking up on the side of the road just off to the side of our two vehicles.

*Dad (the amazon delivery truck just dropped something off outside our door. Is it an emergency or can it wait? Yep, its some emergency.)

So far guy walking towards us was waiving towards his approaching friend. The old bitty got all confused and thought he was flagging her down for something. Yep, that’s the story of how somebody waiving caused me to run into the back end of some old bitty.

True stories, both of them.

I keep telling myself things could always be-

*Dad (son wants me to grade cats homework sheet)

-worse. My kids are relatively physically healthy. The mental, still waiting for those results to come back.

Tootles for now.

Dave 🙂




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