January 17 2020

Starting back in on Starfall :)

I took something of an extended break from my novel. I’m both anxious and nervous to be starting back in on the project. Let me tell you there is nothing more motivating than being able to find the time to devote to one’s own mental sanity (I mean by writing of course).

A few nights ago I attended my third meeting with a peer group. Seeing their stuff in its ugly early stages does wonders for one’s ego and de-escalating your own fear about how atrocious your own works are at the early stages.


Oh and I just tallied up my word count for the first draft. I got about 90-95% done with the story and had about 115,000 words. Yeah, I’m going to have to work on trimming some of that with my second draft.




That’s it for now, back to the grind of rewriting.

Tootles my bitches!

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