August 19 2019

Old phrase of Dwights, she’s still a douche

So just last week I was attending a Union training meeting and ran into a prior Dwight victim from my old place of employment. We started talking war stories and I mentioned Dwight had once used the phrase “I’ve been called worse by better people.”

I’m going to spend some time dissecting that statement.

The statement essentially means that means somebody you hold in high esteem, has an even worse opinion of you than the person addressing you.

That’s like…

Me: Dwight, you are a disturbed person and not a good fit for this unit. You should to step aside and stop being the manager.

Dwight: Yeah… well… I’m so bad at my job that my own parents think I need to quit and check myself into a mental institution. So take that!

Uh… yeah…

Insult me by saying you’ve been insulted far worse than what I’ve done.




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