April 26 2019

End (of file) Game

Why do I even try?

Why do I even bother my mischievous brother?

Am I just a failure or are you lying to me?

Am I fooling myself with a boy scout heart into thinking it’s going to work?


I try…

… and fail


Then I try again…

… and fail again.


Maybe I’m just lacking vision as allĀ I’m seeing is black and my mind feels like it’s full of webs.




You would think that by simply copying the instructions listed online that any idiot would be able to figure out the terminal command to “locate” the flucking file and have the results piped into a text pad.


Yes, I’m frustrated.


You would think that with names of trillions upon trillions of individuals being snuffed out of existence, that trying to save their names to a record file would be easy.

(Mocking my big bald headed instructor): “Just watch me and follow along.”

Yeah well just because were named that doesn’t mean we actually get it.


I swear I just need to go purchase a stanlee hammer and go to town on my computer office space printer style.



I’m angry.

(I would advise you to stay clear as you probably wouldn’t like me that much right now)







No, I haven’t seen the movie yet.



Damn flucking file…


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