April 28 2019

Star Wars Vs End Game

Star Wars episode IV, a new hope, was exactly that, a movie that reached out to me, nay millions, nay billions of people and gave them something to believe in.

When Star Wars episode IX dropped last week, it too gave me a little bit of ‘new hope’ that it would be something entertaining. Only that was it, just entertaining. It didn’t warm the core of my being that good could somehow fight back against the dwightness in existence.

End Game/Infinity War is now what Star Wars was to my childlike self back in the day.

Star Wars didn’t have a climactic 22 arc which built it up to a grand finale. No, it came out of nowhere and blew our minds away. It was glorious. It was… a new hope.

Tonight I going to go and watch End Game… I’m so giddy right now. The man child in me is so doing his best not to wet himself  😛

That is what Star Wars no longer does for me. Yes, I’m pretty sure the superhero hype will die down at some point but the hype has been going over a span of 22 movies over the last 10 years. Can Star Wars make that same claim? No, it has been 10 movies over the last 4o years. The fire hasn’t died out but it has diminished.


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