March 18 2019

Well this is a random as in “Juicy”

I’m posting something before a neglectful month has passed…



Yesterday during my lunch I plotted out the next few chapters of my Jessica novel. Jessica? What kind of name is that? What kind of story can I glean out of a title like that? Well, that is the name I’m currently using for my protagonist, it’s as good as a working title as any other.

I could use something else like ‘Dwight dies due to excessive diarrhea’ (juicy butt death?) but as of yet, I haven’t introduced the antagonist(s).


So… what else…

My latest online networking class starts today so that is going to cut into my free time again.

I still have five cats at home and I think two kids…*

That reminds me of my latest real-life Targé story. So I was in line checking out with my arm basket full of goodies. I tend to not use full-size baskets whenever possible as I find using those things impedes my navigational abilities through the store. Too many soccer mom cows and retired people stopping and blocking isles as they stare blankly at the options on the shelves.

Anyway, so the checkout lady is going through my stuff and makes a comment having seen the Allegra bottles and says, ‘Fighting colds at home?’

I reply, ‘Yep’ even though we aren’t and she’s doing her (nosy)duty of making me feel (un)comfortable with small (needless)chat.

‘Pineapple juice’.

I feel myself shaking my head as I try and put that into context, ‘What?’

That’s all she needed to ramble on, ‘Wish I had known about Pineapple juice years ago. Have your kids drink some pineapple juice before going to bed. It helps with the healing that the body does when your sleeping.’

Going through my head is thoughts of teeth being covered in sugars through the entire night.

‘It would have saved me a tone of money’ She places the Allegra bottle into my bag and looks right into my eyes saying, ‘I should know, I have twelve kids.’

Saved you money? Pineapple juice or the cost of raising twelve kids? I’m now on the verge of blurting out Condoms aren’t that expensive you know but instead bite my tongue and just give her a smile as she finishes ringing up my order.

Fun stuff.

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