March 12 2019

Botched my System

So yesterday, just after lunch, I went back to the office and while it was slow, did something to botch my laptop. I’m not sure exactly what I did but after some hours of frustration and the loss of some hair follicles, I reimaged my system back to w10 and then did another fresh install of mxlinux.


Play with fire…

I got burned.

But not really cause everything is a learning experience if you think of it in the right context. Yeah I lost some work but how much/little is the real question.

I’m currently re-installing dropbox and waiting for it to sync up to see what I lost. At most, what I wrote during my lunch, which is already posted online sooo…. TTHHHPPPTTTT 😛 (I lost nothing!)*[except for time.]


It’s almost time to start installing my kali tools and messing around again. Muhahhahahahhaa!!!




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