March 11 2019

I’m still here.

I’ve actually been doing some writing this past month or so.

I’m still swear-here-ing


Oh she’s cute. It’s my lunch right now and I’m plinking away on one of 11-inchers (LAPTOP you…uhhh … nevermind). She has one some leather outfit that screams ‘Pinch Me’.

Will I? Hell no (at least not outside my the fantasy of my mind)

I have too much respect for wo-what the police can do if called.

MAGA! – Make America’s Groping Acceptable!


Am I a pig?

Sure 😉

We all are but its just the timing of the event that gets you in trouble. I mean I can go up to my wife and pinch her on the butt and also get a slap across the face but I would expect her to not call the police on me …



Ahh, she’s leaving (my wife or the hot leather number?) Maybe both?


Back to my un-puritan thinking.


Hey, there goes a ‘couple’ of women who look like they could beat me up.


Yes, I’m a P-watcher. What can I say, I like to study people and how they flow about around me. I’m a Pee-Watching-Man!




An older man who reminds me of Captain Mitch just walked in. If you grew up in the Sacramento area in the 70’s you would know who I’m referencing. Hey, I’m making references to something that is decades outdated.

I just did a quick google and found out that the captain passed away a few years ago.

KTXL Icon ‘Cap’n Mitch’ Dead at 92


That is part of the reason I’m not getting as much written as I would like. There are too many things to distract yourself with, like googling your childhood heroes and discovering that they are dead. Yeah family, jobs, cooking dinner and doing laundry, clearing up unwarranted restraining(defamation**) orders, all that crap takes too much time.

** Kiss Kiss Dwight 😉


Okay, my lunch is just about over and I’ve gotten in a bit of a mental exercise in quick writing. You see that is how you get over mental writing roadblocks, you just start typing away about the dumbest (people**)stuff and see what comes out. If it’s “golden” or if it’s “crap”, either way, it’s yours cause you made it. Now I’m going to bask in its glory and head back to work.



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