February 6 2019

State of the Illusion

So last night was the State of the Union. I’m what I would like to call a liberally minded thinker. Does that mean I’m a liberal? Maybe. I tend to think of myself as somewhere in the middle. The funny thing is, after talking with some of my conservative friends, is that most people tend to think of themselves in this way. Yes, everyone thinks of themselves as normal or close to it. It takes a true loon to accept who they really are…


So during the Presidents speech, I heard him make a number of true/exaggerated/false claims about this and that. He did this and that which depending on how you round the numbers could be construed as misleading/close-enough/lies.


You see/interpret what you want.

I too want to look my best and have hot (members of my sexual preference) chicks lusting after me if I only take supplement Denyitall.

I swear the greatest evil we face is our ability to fall for (self-made??) illusions.

At least that is the truth I wish to believe from my centrist view that I wrap myself up in as a means of comfort.



No wait, I mean I’m correct, or at least I believe I am.

To deny the doubts of ones one being is to live the shadow of ignorance.

Wait, what?

Yeah, I was just trying to say something to the effect that to question things is the basis of understanding that you may not have the clearest view. To look at it from another angle, to step outside of your limited perception. I was just trying to say something deeply flatulence… er… or rather fluctuant.

I really need to get back into writing one of my stories again, I have such a gas working on them. Or at least that is the illusion I’m asphyxiating from.

Politics, (potty)humor, exaggerations of the truth, aren’t they all just different spins of the same bullshit?



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