January 22 2019

January 22nd (32 days)

32 days since my last post?



So I went out and saw the movie Glass the other night. Originally the wife didn’t want to go and see the movie but then realized it was technically my birthday weekend and relented. She is so kind to me in forgetting when my birthday is and then remembering at the last minute.

I thought the movie was a “B” grade. It wasn’t a “great” movie but it was still “good.” I don’t want to ruin anything so I’ll keep my comments on the generic side. Man the way Mace Windu swung his- oh…

Ever notice how Samuel J is in just about every movie franchise?

Jaws, Star Wars, Marvel, Incredibles, Die Hard. Am I missing any?

Let’s see, what else? My dishwasher is leaking. It’s also ten years old so at this point is it worth a few hundred bucks to fix or do I just get a new one?

My daughter’s Chromebook just died. Don’t know if that is fixable either.

On the upside, my 14.5-year-old cat “Nibbler” is doing better as the steroids seem to be working. She’s desperately┬átrying to sit her ass down on my keyboard right now.

Alright, that’s it for now. Life is calling me back to dealing with the bullcrap again, which of course is cutting into my free/writing time.




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