July 21 2018

First name “Mr”… last name “Glass”




Back in the day, when I saw the original “Unbreakable”, I was awestruck at the way the movie played out. To put it simply, it spoke to me. No, not in a perverted way, rather in the way that all of us strive to believe in the ‘something more’ in place of the bleak reality we find ourselves in. The antagonists singular focus, which was only brought into the light during the final minutes of the film, brought back the same sense of awe that I had experienced with “The Sixth Sense” and before that with “The Usual Suspects”. Bravo.


I just recently watched the movie “Split” (same director) and went in ignorant to its connection with the prior movie above. Bravo.


What I witnessed back then, which has come full circle thanks to more recent events in my life, is that evil has a way of not seeing itself in that way. It lives off of the traits of denial, delusion, and self-affirmation to keep itself blind to the reality that the rest of us are witness too. I mean Hitler was only doing the what was best for Germany, right? I mean according to him, ‘the Jews were lazy and good-for-nothing parasites’ on his unit.. er.. country.

Yeah, you read that dwigh… er… right.


I can’t wait to see the Mr. Glass when it comes out.




The thing about glass locations still rings true… you reap what you sow.



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