July 15 2018

ASS (Another Short Something)

It could be more…?

I’m just fiddling around right now before work.

The kids have another month before heading back to school.

(I can’t wait)

Yeah, yeah… I know.





“Dude, that’s disgusting.”

Randy looked away from his hand that had been digging his hot fries through his strawberry shake and gave her a look. “Disgusting?” He shoved the double-wide dipped fries into his mouth and said, “Saiys youw?” He gave a few quick chomps and swallowed before adding, “The queen of liquification? The smells that come out of your blender puts sewers to shame.”

She gave him the look. The look that said he was entering couch sleeping territory. He felt himself smirking cause he had always liked how the couch felt. It was one of the things that had to stay when they had agreed to move in together after college. As he pushed his tongue out he felt bits of chewed food brush against his lips. “Gorgeous,” she said.

He gave his signature chuckle as his brows narrowed back at her.

With a bit of a scowl, she then added, “Lipstick on a pig.”

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