May 9 2018

Hello and Goodbye

Hello again,

I don’t know if I posted this below or not, memory has been kinda foggy over these past few weeks, but I’m working on cleaning up my Barbash story. Some years ago I had attempted this before. Between life’s many interruptions, family stuff, new story ideas that, and “computer dying” crap, I found myself puttering out.

This year has been no different.

Still, I find myself yearning to get something published.

Even now, in another browser tab, I’m looking up how to revive my tablet computer. The thing is acting all wonky on me and making me think I just need to toss the thing and get something newer.

Life keeps moving and before you know it, all your times is up.

Another piece of news is that my mom has officially moved out of her Sacramento house. She will come to visit us on occasion and stay in our guest room.

So what is with the goodbye in my header?¬†In my head right now I keep circling the elephant but am afraid to call it out into the light. So I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Parkinson is a bitch. Just a few days ago my mother-in-law passed away. I don’t want to say goodbye but the choice was never mine to make. As cheesy as this sounds I’m going to quote Gandalf in saying “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

I want to be a better husband, father, writer, good human being, and cropduster. I just don’t get the Dwights in the world. Why make evil when it is already dark enough as it is?

My kids are now 7 & 11 and my time with them is fleetingly precious. I also want to do some things for myself. Am I selfish? Is buckling down and getting it down ignoring something else? I mean my kids are kinda useless when it comes to stuff. Whose fault is this? They are kids and haven’t reached the tween-plus years fully.

Mine? False expectations on my part?

There are a plethora of projects that need doing around our house. Summer vacation is almost upon us and I’m looking forward to taking my kids on little mini trips here and there. What is right? Spin more wheels and not get anything done or focus selfishly on what it’s going to take to finish something? I mean how much therapy am I going to cause them later in life? Will they turn into cold-hearted¬†schrutes later in life?

For now at least… I need to wrap this entry up and go pick up my kids. I have to take my daughter in for her allergy shots.

There is always something going on….

…the time that is given…


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