February 28 2018

A month? I’m such a slacker (… in space…..)

Its been over a month since I posted anything? I’m such a slacker.

Between my online classes and acclimating to my new job, my blog has kinda gotten ignored. If you couldn’t have guessed, the same is true for much of my writings. Eek!

I got good news though. In between the three raises, two job promotions, and a reclass adjustment which has yet to be officialized by my HR department, I went out and bought myself that new car I had been wanting. I bought it yesterday.

This is it…






I figure in another couple of months, once I get more of a handle on my new job, I can once again start focusing on editing and creating more story content. The ideas keep coming. One I had was to have “Joe Astronaut” have his mission to Mars ship suffer a catastrophic incident which causes a huge hole to be blown into the side of his ship. Yeah, not that original. Wait…

So he dawns his space suit and attempts repairs but finds he can’t do enough to stay alive or make any kind of trip back home. He is left adrift and alone until he runs out of oxygen. Well as time stretches ever so slowly his mind races through his memories which span several long chapters as you relive each of these events only to have each and everyone end up back with him being alone and all that much closer to death in the void of space. Feeling the happy love yet? He is asphyxiation on what little oxygen he has left when he spots one of the nearby stars getting brighter. He thinks he’s going to watch a supernova explode halfway across the universe and accepts that it is kinda of a cool way to go, you know with some sort of big bang. As he watches the intensity increases he comes to realize that the light is actually moving. He blacks out.

He slowly comes to thinking he is just waking from a nap he was taking back on the earth in his study. Only the hum of things isn’t quite right and he opens his eyes to find he is laying back on a sterile apple store looking couch in a nearly bland room with but a single viewport showing the stars and the earth in the background. He is no longer in his spacesuit but in some rob looking garments. he has been saved. This goes on with the aliens introducing themselves and them taking him to the earth. He becomes a hero of sorts as the first person to make contact with an alien species etc… and all he had to do was die, or come really close to having done so in order to have it all happen.

He lives out the next span of time going on talk shows and meeting the dignitaries and dealing with his family and stuff but over the course of it he finds he is constantly tired. No matter how much rest or sleep he gets, he can’t seem to recover. Doctors and even the alien tech can’t seem to identify what the cause might be. Finally after some time, and his inability to fight off his sense of tiredness. He lays down on his bed to surrender to what he thinks is the end of his life in peace.

The scene cuts back to his ship and the explosion and his now inert body looking out at the now fading supernovas light that is receding to the blackness of its death. The last bit of its life having flashed by right before his inert eyes.






Maybe, maybe not. It comes down to how it’s presented. I think it has some potential but like I said I got more ideas that I got time to write them. Its so frustrating *(1st world problem)


At least my life is now moving in the dwight direction now. 😛





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