April 6 2018

It’s been over a month (slacking again)

Wow… where does the time go?

When I was working downtown I had a significant amount of idle train time to do things… like writing.  Well since I’ve gotten out of that dead end I’ve found I’ve had even less time to devote to my now seemingly forgotten pastime pleasure.

I’m still working (4x) 10 hour days and actually getting home earlier than I was when I was working 8 hour days and ridding Regional Transient. Still, with my education, helping the kids out with their homework, and plinking away at the never-ending honey-do-list, I’m not managing to find the time I once had.

(Bright side cheesy grin) at least I’m getting paid more now than I was making when I quit the private sector to work for the state. You could say, with all the promotions and reclassifications, that I’m now making double what I was getting at Schrutte* farms. I was even able to afford my getting myself my new car :), but as well all know, that was already covered in a prior post.

Speaking of writing, I will get back to thee. The passion isn’t gone, only the availability of time. I’ve even come up with another story idea using fragments of another story I had some years ago. This one involves a hobo being picked up by an NFL team but for reasons which will remain close to my chest until its flesh out more. Originally I had the premise but about a week ago I had a dream and it went sideways (the best kind of dreams if you ask me) and it gave me a whole new angle/spin on the story idea. I now know more about why the hobo is so special and the true backstory.

What else… I’ve recently spent $84 and renewed a couple of my domains for a few more years as they were getting close to expiring. Can’t let that happen. To do so would be insufferable, infuriating, or rather inexcusable. It would be an act of self-insubordination to the highest degree.

I guess that is it for now as I need to get back to the house and await the arrival of a roof repairman. Let me tell you having a 4day by 10hour schedule rocks.

Tootles bitches 😛


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