November 30 2017

Infinity War trailer

I got “the wood!”


For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, its the next Marvel tentpole movie which just released its first official trailer.

This movie means more to me than most other people for the comics it was based upon have always had a special place in my heart and mind. Sadly the Silver Surfer, who is the protagonist of the comics version, and is one of my favorite imaginary heroes, isn’t in this version.



Oh well, I’m going to have to take what I get… which is going to be awesome!

Did I mention I got the wood?







So I’m once more hiding out and writing before work. I got my headphones in and am working once more on StarBabe. I’m at a point now where I actually have two star babes and am considering killing one off as I’m trying to wrap this story up and finish it off. I know I need to kill something off (the voices inside my head are telling me this is a good thing).

More to come.




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