November 27 2017

Black(hole) Friday

Friday was a success. I got two truck bed loads of “stuff” out of my garage and to the local goodwill.

I’m thinking I need to make this a new tradition.

With my kids now being 7 & 11, we just don’t need to keep all this stuff anymore.


What else….

Thursday was good with the friends and family. I was the primary bird cook with my wife handling about half of the side dishes. It had to end earlier than we would have liked but medical issues are always present.



On Saturday I started stringing up the Xmas lights and later that night we had some adult friends over (no it wasn’t a fishbowl party) and we got in a couple of hours of Cards Against Humanity.

Good times.


Sunday was a chill day where I got to do some more garage cleaning. The wife and I can now part both of our cars in the garage again. Yes, it’s a three-bay garage but we use the third bay as storage, which had unfortunately crept over into my stall. If I get more time in the near future I can see myself going to town again and getting that third side cleaned out to the point of moving a couch out there and a widescreen so I can make it into a quasi man-cave.




All this brings me back to today being (Cyber)Monday and how I’m avoiding getting any real words down on my story by writing in this and daydreaming of what I might find in various sales online…. decisions-decisions….

I have actual stuff to do at work and don’t want to waste their time with my surfing so I guess I’m going to put off my story for yet another day. I didn’t touch my story over the long break but that’s okay. I thought about it in passing and now have some new ideas that I’m contemplating wiggling into the thing.


Well, that’s it for now,



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