November 14 2017

Dwight until the end…

Hello Peoples,


So on my last day at the Dwight job, she pulled me aside and told me in a very stern voice, “You need to learn to listen to management.” I then said, “Point taken, now do you also agree that you could stand to listen to the members of your staff?”

She wasn’t having any of it.


Associations, hierarchies, organizations, are all really nothing more than partnerships in disguise.


There is no cure for stupid but self-admission. I don’t see her ever coming to this realization.


Out of a team of 8 people I was the 5th to leave over the last 12 month period. She, of course, is ignoring this fact as she likes to think that we all had other reasons for leaving. Yeah, I can admit there is some truth to this. I mean you don’t go to the grocery store for just “eggs” and typically pick up milk or other items while you are there. But the fact that you still went for and got the eggs is lost on her. The eggs in this example was the egg-scape but (ssshhhh) she’s too whacked to see through my little disguise. I guess what they say is true, ignorance is indeed bliss.


Note to self: No matter how hard you try to point out the obvious, you still can’t fix the stupid.




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