November 14 2017

StarBabe Update ~53k now

Yep. Yesterday I broke down my latest writings and found out I had crossed the 50k mark. (smiles to self). I hadn’t realized I had done so with all the fragmented writing I’ve done over the past month or so.

I’m still plugging away on it and hope/expect to finish out around the 60k mark. Then I have to do the hard part and dive back into the thing and start cleaning it up. I left a good many **CleanupLater marks in the thing. I utilize the (StarStar) marks as my “get back too” markers. Sometimes I don’t use the same name throughout my works as my writing is so fragmented in when and where I get to do it. Another trick I often do is use simple generic names throughout a story and then when I get near the end and I have finally figured out what my characters final names are going to be are simply swapped out through the find and replace option in my writing software. I’ve used “Bob”, “Tina”, or even “Asshole” as temp names for various characters or villains. My latest story had me using “RedShirt2” as a human female marine sniper. I still don’t know what her final name is going to be but I’m not done with the story so there is no hurry as the [Control] + [F] keyboard keys are so forgiving.

Without wanting to give away too much, right now I have my heroes shooting it out on the beach of mostly water world with the alien bad guys. I’m working on the final parts of the story and wrapping the various threads back in on itself which can often be the most problematic as you don’t want to leave anything dangling.


What else…

Over this last weekend, I got to watch over two additional kids as their parents went on a short trip to New Orleans. The child, nine, was a walking lying machine.  It was so funny how in one instance, he started down the steps with one version of a story, and upon reaching the bottom, had a completely different version and had contradicted everything else he had said on the way down.

It kind of made me think back to my Dwight and how immature she has to be to think she is being genuine.



I’m in training all week. It’s kind of job-related but it’s also a nice break as it gives me some mental separation from my prior Dwight going into my new job. I swear new boss has such a low bar to cross in comparison to what came before.


TOOTLES and Kisses


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