November 3 2017

Work ethic (???) Are you Loki crazy?

Hello Peoples,


I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t this blog about writing?” It is. It’s just about so many facets of a writers life; all of it in the “first draft”.

So yesterday (THORsday for those keeping track) I accepted one of the offers I had floating out there. I feel good. I feel really good. Before I had accepted the one I contacted some of my other contacts about other interviews I had gone on and you know what? They all said I had done really well (even if I had personally thought otherwise), and thought I had a good work ethic.

That was really humbling and appreciated.

It’s nice to hear that other people actually see what I do to get my work done.

My (soon to be prior) Dwight doesn’t see it. She never will. It’s so sad…. and I’m not talking about that in a selfish way. I mean she is a waste of a human being in that she chooses not to see her own nose in spite of everyone else. She is the embodiment of loathing and denial.

Yeah, I can make a typo now and again. I can also amend other peoples typos when I catch them and cover for them. Apparently, that stuff is never acknowledged and so my work goes unappreciated.

… (Smug thoughts in the spirit of humor) …

Oh well, their loss.



No longer shall I play the role of “designated decoy” to protect my fellow team members. Now they must face the trickster all on their own. (Or…. they could always request union representation?)




Tonight the new Thor movie comes out. Small factoid of random stupid stuff. It was almost four years ago to the day when the last Thor movie came out and I accepted my current job. I was so excited to see that movie as I for this latest one. One could humorously say I play the role of Thor, fighting the trickster Loki while trying to save Asgard.

(WTF man? Are you high? That sounds so stupid.)

No, not high. Not high like Dwight likes to get once she gets home to the ranch.

Yes, I know.

I know a good many things about Dwight.


My battle may be over but there the war continues as there is still a Poolman that needs to be taken down.




Disclaimer: In order to write successfully one must stir emotions and live vicariously through characters that they both create and borrow from the real world. Have I done that? Be honest, you don’t know what to think right now.

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