November 1 2017

(Unofficially) I’m Free!

Hello Peoples,


I have it from reliable sources that my work plight is soon to be over.

More to come on this topic at a later time.


On a quasi-related note, my Dwight pulled me into another 1on1 yesterday. She had some bitter words for me over my actions of late. I just rolled with her jabs and flicked a few volleys back of my own. Nothing serious mind you but enough to “MAYBE” get her to think about herself.

INTROSPECTION: It’s what people with heads up their asses lack.

I’m sure everyone understands the movie/TV trope of where a couple breaks up and the person breaking the relationship says “It’s not you, it’s me.” We all know they are just saying that to make the transition as seamless as possible. We, the outside observer, know this as true. The fictional delusional participant, not so much.

That is my current(soon to be prior) work environment.

She thinks I escape work to donate blood (etc…) to get away from “doing work”. I had to exercise great control not to laugh in her face and blurt out something like “It’s all you sugar tits!” I will have made the fifth person to leave over the past 12 month period out of a staff of 8 for the unit.

I’m going to do some quick math…

Cube 1 – Mr. R. (Left 1 month ago after being in unit for close to 10 years – took a lateral to get away)

Cube 2 – Mr. L. (Left the month after his 6-month probation ended – took a lateral to get away)

Cube 3 – Mr. N. (new guy and still under his 6-month probation – 1 month left)

Cube 4 – Mr. A. (new guy and still under his 6-month probation – 5 months left)

Cube 5 – Mr. T. (been there 4 years and is po’d pretty significantly)

Cube 6 – Dwight Schrutte (been in charge for 13 months now)

Cube 7 – Mrs. K. (new gal and still under her 6-month probation – 1 month left)

Cube 8 – Mrs. H. (been there 5 years and is actively looking for other jobs)

Cube 9 – Mr. Wheee!!!! (I’m free!!!) – promotional limited term position

The additional personnel should also be mentioned.

Mrs. S. (left 2 months into Dwight’s reign – got a promotion into an adjoining unit)

Mrs. C. (left 8 months into Dwight’s reign for a limited term lateral in an adjoining unit)


Well, that’s it for now.





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