September 14 2017

Update of random things.

Hello Peoples,

Yesterday I had really productive day writing. It was well over 3,000 words. My fingers were on fire. Of course, it also helped that I had some extra time on my hands. I had an interview with another agency and honestly didn’t feel like going. Hey, time is time and I will take it where ever I can 🙂

I’m currently still working on my ‘Assassin Borg chick story’ for lack of a better name. The funny things is she’s only been in the first two parts and I’ve been farting around with other characters since then. I’ll get back to her but since her character is technically ‘on ice’ for the moment I have to play this out through the other character’s eyes.

What else….

I dunno.

I’ll write more soon.

Tootles 🙂

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