September 9 2017

Saturday Sept 9th’s Progress

Howdy Peoples,

Total writing time was about 2 hours take. Yeah I zoned out here and there but I’m a watcher, I watch people, it’s what I do. I’ve got my headphones on playing my techno/classical music with my fingers dancing at my laptop. Who’s a happy boy?

I am 🙂

I got the following 1500 ish words in over these past two hours which is close to my average. I need to pack up and go stop by some big box store and pick up some of those 12 gallon totes. The wife, as usual, has yet another project she is starting and it’s up to me to try and get it done. I swear she has issues.

But then again… so do I…

So… getting back to talking about me.

The following excerpt is from my latest story idea which admittedly is yet another story spark. I know I know, just finish something you already you lame ass. I do finish stories. I just can’t ever get them edited because people suck. I can’t find the time to focus on anything for longer than twenty-minute spans at work or home because I keep getting interrupted by stupid people. I know that sounds harsh but have you ever tried reading a book (okay that may be a stretch for some people, I’ll give you that) but you keep getting interrupted and re-reading the same paragraph over and over? Well, that is how it is with me and editing. I need to be left the flip alone.

I don’t get that (the “time” and not the “idea of getting time.” Okay, begrudgingly, maybe both).

Anyway, so what I have below is first draft cleaned. That means I barfed it out and then did some spell/grammar checking but didn’t reread it or fill in my **(get back to gaps). Yeah, I use (or rather plan on using) the “**” as search and replace points for when I hope to find the time to patching my drafts up.

This excerpt takes place in a future reality post my SplinteredSol story line where humanity has found a new home out amongst the stars. We are talking 100,000 years and a long way away from earth kinda stuff.

Sooo…. it’s not so much of a new project but more of research/development of the expanded universe I wish to explore. I’m about 10,000 words in so far.

I posted the very first chapter of this latest story idea just a few days ago with the slave girl. It’s kind of grown past that point since then.


Derrick stood alone under the focused light in the middle of what he felt like was the interrogation chamber. He faced out into the darkness. He had to remind himself to swallow as his throat was dry from both the lights and from everything he had said. He was nervous but not afraid. He had faced much worse in the weeks after the **_Xzenga incident.

Then, unlike now, when it was all over he had been a free man. This was entirely different.

The lights in the chamber rose to a shadowed level and the voice of Admiral Martz said, “We’re preparing your ship now.” He cleared his throat, “What you are doing, regardless of the outcome, makes you a hero.”

Derrick remained motionless aside from giving a slow but short nod.

Major Hanover walked out towards him, “I will bring you to your ship. Follow me.” She then turned and started leading him towards the exit.

Derrick asked, “Who is my pilot?”

Major Hanover’s pace stumbled as her face turned towards Derrick, “Pilot?”

He could see the confusion in her eyes, “I’ve never received any kind of shuttle craft training.”

Her pace slowed as her upper torso tried to middle itself between her forward advancement and her face. “You completed basic training at the academy?”

Derrick nodded, “Yes but I came down with a **Bono’s disease and missed those two weeks. I was supposed to make up my flight training at the end of my advanced training program but never got did because of… because of what happened.”

She came to a halt. “Fuck.” Her eyebrows lowered as she said in a weaker tone, “You aren’t messing with me, right?”

He gave a quick nod. “I wouldn’t do that, especially in a situation like this.”

Her eyes went wide again as she looked up and away. “We need to find you a shuttle pilot and quickly.”

“I know of one.”

Her eyes went wide as her jaw went slack, “Oh god no. Not the dingleberry.”

“He built his own craft and competes in the belt races with it.”

Her face contorted some, “The ‘belt races’?”

Nodding, “Yeah, he’s quite good too. Last year he came in at third place.”

“I am going to have to run this by command.”

“I get it, but do we have the time?”

She shook her head and brought up her left forearm. “Connect me to Admiral Martz.”

Three seconds later a holographic image of the Admiral beamed up from her forearm device. “Yes, Major?” She explained the situation as succinctly as possible to him. Derrick could see the bewilderment on the Admiral’s face even on the small five-centimeter projection of his head. “Just take him to the shuttle and I will meet you there.”

“Understood.” Major Hanover lowered her wrist and the communication link ended. She headed off at a quickened pace. “Come on.”

She didn’t have to say it twice.


When they got to the roof parking Derrick saw a bunch of staff personal moving gear and boxes in and out of a zippies pizza delivery shuttle. His pace slowed as he contemplated if that would be his ship or not. His next thought was if that was his, and had pizzas on it, then why did he submit his gut to the abomination from the mess hall just a few hours ago. His stomach gurgled as it had apparently been thinking the same thing. He resumed his pace and caught up, “Is that my ship?”

“They specified a non-military vessel.”

“So what’s everyone doing?”

“Upgrading a number of the components.”

Derrick said sarcastically, “So you are making it military grade?”

She turned her head towards him again, “We’re upgrading critical systems like life support. You do want to survive this ordeal don’t you?” She looked ahead again.

“Yeah… I guess that’s okay.”

“We want your cargo to survive getting back to us.”

As they approached the side entrance to the craft the various staff personal made room for the two of them. Derrick had to admit but a part of him had hoped to find a hot and ready zippy pizza just sitting there but failed to find one. The crew had already stripped the cargo area bare to swap out the various components. The two of them squeezed through to the small cockpit area and Major Hanover got herself into the co-pilots seat. She pointed for Derrick to sit in the pilots along and he did. “Okay show me what you know.”

He extended his arms out and grabbed the flight stick. “The flying part I kinda know. It’s all the startup and shutdown stuff without causing a meltdown is what has me concerned.”

She nodded, “Again in the interest of preserving your cargo, I would agree that is a valid concern.” She took off her forearm pad and handed it over to him saying, “Slip this on and record everything I do.”

Derrick slipped it on and started fumbling through the interface.

Her eyes went wide as she reached over and grabbed his arm, “You don’t know how to work one of these either?”

He gave her a toothy grin. “I don’t own an iFapp. I’ve always thought they were neat and all-“

She shook his wrist and brought it closer to her face which caused Derrick to go quiet. She pressed a button on the device and said, “Clooney?”

The device answered back in a suave male voice, “Yes Heather?”

“Put yourself in full audio mode and add the user whose arm you are on as having full access rights.”

“Understood. Does this user have a name they wish to be called?”

Derrick answered, “Derrick.” Then a wild idea popped into his head, “Captain Derrick Star Ranger.”

The Major’s eyes went wide again as her head shook some, “Why do I get the feeling this is a bad idea.”

Clooney responded cooly, “Do you require medical attention or would you rather I just play your favorite soothing music.”

She snapped back, “No, and no.” She then pushed Derrick’s arm away and said, “Now turn on holographic recording mode and recording everything going on until I say ‘cut’, understood?”

“Understood. Recording now.”

The Major took in a deep breath and began pointing at the various console controls and explaining what they do. She then walked him through the steps required to bring the ship up to full power and the steps necessary to power it back down again without causing it to go critical. She then gave her cut command and fell back into the copilot’s seat and took in a deep breath of air.

“That was pretty thorough” came the voice of Gerard from behind them in the holding area. They both turned towards him as he said to the major, “You covered everything except the part of handling a shielding reset.”

Her eyes went wide but Gerard pushed his way into the cabin and motioned for her to get out of the seat. “But that is why I’m here.” He performed a head swivel with a toothy grin, “A real pilot.”

She didn’t relinquish her seat and Gerard said, “Don’t worry I got it covered. I will make sure we record that part too en route should something catastrophic happen to me, you know, saving the Coalition and all.” That seemed to settle her as she started to get out of the seat. She hadn’t been out more than a half second before Gerard wiggled into it saying, “It’s all nice and warm.”

The Major turned around and faced Derrick, “Please record anything I might have missed. And for the hope of the entire Coalition, I hope you find yourself in need of using the recordings.”

Gerard laughed, “Ouch.”

She then turned and left the cockpit area.

Gerard reached out and picked up the headset and placed it over his ears and Derrick did the same. The background noise was diminished significantly by the radio silence coming from the line.

Gerard then pushed a button and said, “This is Captain Awesomesause testing the comms line on the **(CoalitionDefenseForce)CDF/USS Expendable Express Hot Delivery.”

Admiral Martz’s voice responded, “Have we made a mistake putting you on that shuttle?”

Gerard pushed the mute button on and faced Derrick, “Grouchy bastard.”

Derrick pushed the button to speak, “No sir. Rest assured he and I will retrieve the cargo and bring it back without incident sir.”

Gerard pushed mute on again, “Sir? Man, they really manchurianed you didn’t they.”

Derrick faced Gerard, “I know you think this is all fun and games but we’re dealing that could save billions of lives and help end the war.”

Gerard’s face went solemn, “I know. That’s why I’m here man. I’m here for you.” A grin broke out on his face as he pointed out past the cockpit towards the back side of Major Hanover walking away, “And for that.”

Derrick shook his head, “You can’t let do that.”


“Let your emotions get the better of you.”

Gerard laughed once, “Says the man who slept with his spy instructor.”

Derrick felt a twist in his gut. He didn’t have a chance to answer as Gerard reached out and started flipping buttons and bringing the engines online. Behind him, he heard the remaining crew still on board scrambling to finish and get off.

Gerard lifted the shuttle off a few inches from the roofs landing platform.

Thirty seconds later, with the personnel now out of the holding area, their craft started ascending up and into the night sky.


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