June 3 2017

Some Random Thoughts

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” – Tim Burton 


I read this somewhere online and couldn’t but help think of my work environment. Somebody there is just so off in her own reality she can’t see can’t see why nothing is growing cause she just keeps poisoning the soil.

I swear…

So a couple of days ago she calls me into a 1on1 little meeting and tries to play nice. I play along and as the conversation turns to morale type issues she asks my opinion of something. I explain to her that she has this habit of only hearing what she wants to hear and then gets fixated on it like a pitbull and doesn’t let go. In truth, I didn’t use those exact words, but you get the idea. She asks for an example and my brain starts going through a rewind. I bring up an incident of topic “A” and then seven words in say something like I’m sorry that is a bad example, let me start over with topic “B”. I didn’t realize it at the time but she had already locked her jaws onto addressing topic “A” and didn’t hear a damn word of topic “B”. As she is ranting away I try telling her “You’re doing it again, right here, right now” and of course she can’t see it because her mind is locked. How to you tell a stupid bitch of a mutt to let go of the thing she has locked her mouth around when it’s not even what’s there?

How does that phrase go? You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink?

How do you get a deaf person to listen to you? Keeping poking them? Hey, lookout! We are heading towards a tree!

How do you get a person with blinders on to understand what they are doing wrong? Put in on your blog on the web?

Oh and then she gave me this spiel about us being there 8 hours a day and therefore we are required to produce 8 hours worth of work. It took everything I had not to break out laughing at her. She is such a tool…

Do you want to know why nobody likes you? We can’t stand you. People are human beings with unique personalities and problems and issues and we aren’t worker drones. We are organic and squishy and have weakness and strengths. You think we all need to match some automated mold you have envisioned in your mind. It don’t work that way and the sooner you figure that out the better off your life is going to be. Yes some of us have room to grow. Yes some of us like to goof off now and again. It’s called being human.

I came up with another example I can use with her. Let’s say you are a child at the dinner table, let’s say your parent/boss says “Finish your broccoli before you go.” Let’s say you do finish your broccoli. Does she let you get up from the dinner table? Hell no. She’s standing right there with another scooping of broccoli.

She has lost it.

I have tried working with her in the past but every time I get something done she is ready there was her serving spoon.

Screw that.



Oh… I had three interviews the week before this last one. Two were at the same agency (same day, two hours apart) and the third was at another office. I got word back from the other office that I wasn’t selected but she told me I interviewed great and it was a close call. That is both promising and depressing at the same time. I’m happily defeated?

I’m pushing out applications. 🙂

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