June 3 2017

And I’m back — Time for a Snack (in baby portions)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks as I’ve moved my hosting from one provider to another. I think everything is up and working again. 🙂


So what else is new? My brother’s daughter is almost a year old and he’s been flooding us (the extended family) with pictures of her and let me tell you she sure is cute. She is so cute it’s borderline tasty.


Now I’m not trying to out myself as a bisexual or anything so much as to say I have to agree. I’ve often found my own kids feet somehow find their way into my own mouth plenty of times 😛

We even have a video of my daughter, around the age of four, on video, scolding us with a scowl on her face about eating her newborn brother as she said, “Babies are not food! Babies are just babies!”

Ahhh…. the memories.


We lost one of our cats a few weeks ago. He was 13 years old. We had raised him from the bottle as he was part of a spay/neuter program that fixed his momma but the vet tech, my wife’s sister, decided this group was viable and so kept them alive. From him being just hours old I helped raise him until he became the awesome cat he would become. About a year and a half ago we got a cancer diagnosis so we knew this day was coming but through the use of medication, we were able to stave off his cancer for far longer than we would have expected. Now we are down to three (all being rescued cats).


StarName is still getting worked on. Some days are more productive than others. I’m still plugging away and I know I will reach my “The End” soon. It’s funny how some days I can get 3,000 words down and on others, it’s 300 (or less). I’m sure I’m around 110,000 words at the moment and am still hovering around the 90%+ mark. I’m still working on bringing in loose threads and pushing it all through to the end. It’s funny how my mind keeps finding all these new and interesting ways of making things streamlined and more efficient.


What else? I think I could go on but my bathroom hideaway time is coming to an end. I have to get back out there and attend to the laundry and playing with my son as I’ve spent much of the day doing errands and fixing some of the last sprinklers out in my yard. He just called in wanting to know when I would be out again.



I swear if you don’t take some mental time off now and again you can find yourself going crazy. People need to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. (Yes I know where I’m sitting right now.)

Even a baby portion break is better than nothing 😉




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