July 5 2019

Still alive…

Howdy folks,

Life has been busy.

With the kids out of school, I’m finding much of my free time is being sucked up by one stupid thing after another. And on top of that… those afternoon naps just don’t take themselves.



I did a word count on my latest story ‘Starfall’ and found I’m somewhere past 50k words. My gut tells me I’m about half-done overall. So I guess that’s a good thing?


Right now I’m feeling somewhat motivated on getting some words in but I know that as soon as I do ‘get in the zone’ that I’m going to be interrupted seventeen times about stupid things like “I’m on the toilet and we are out of toilet paper”. Yeah? Have fun waddling your naked ass with your pants around your ankles and getting a replacement six-pack from the garage.  All humor aside, it still pulls a person out of the zone. In just writing this simple page post I’ve been interrupted twice.



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