June 3 2019

The other stuff and the metaphor that got away.


So on this last payday, I bought myself a gift. I bought myself a course on MasterClass by Neil Gaiman. I’m only in chapter 4 of the class but he used a metaphor about how writers need to ‘just get it out’ and how so much of their early stuff is going to be regarded as sub-par stuff. A writer needs to keep whittling away in order to get at the core of their inner voice and one can only do that by pushing through the inferior stuff.

As he’s saying this my mind is going its own direction. I’m thinking of how when you first turn on the shower how you don’t instantly have hot water and how you have to let all the cold water flush through on your way to the good stuff. Yeah, I know that in this day and age that some people have instant water through tankless devices, well… bite me.

So what else can I say so it doesn’t ‘get away’?

My wife went out and bought me a 75 inch TV for the living room. The kids and her surprised me with an early fathers day gift. I was pleasantly delighted.

I’ve still been plugging away at my latest novel ‘Starfall’*(beta title) when I can find the time. I’m pretty sure I passed the 25k total some time ago but don’t want to go back and count all them miskelled words just yet.

Tangent: I just surfed for something online and saw a picture of Val Kilmer. (sad face)

Uh… I guess that’s it for now.


Tootles to anyone who is dumb enough to read these pencil shavings.


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