April 21 2019

The Mountain of Forever

So last night, after getting off of work, I went for a walk around the neighborhood with my son. We do this occasionally and started the habit out of getting him to learn his spelling words. You see, the boy is part spasmoid and part hyperactive little shit. He just can’t stay focused so we(I) walk with him as a physical outlet while he recites his words. Well, this week is spring break and so we didn’t have any words to go over. He is something of a talker and so he usually keeps my ears pretty warm. Last night he asked me, “What was the one thing that I created and had lost by having somebody destroy it and now miss” or something to that effect.

The first thing that came to mind didn’t quite fit his criteria but I ran with it anyway. It was mount muscle. I explained that when I was a teenager, my (“baby”)brother and I had created a large sand ‘mountain’ on one of the beaches of Hawaii. Its size was fisherman exaggerated (as all good stories are) and how it was as tall as he was. The year was somewhere around 1990 and the SNL characters of ‘Hans-n-Frans’ was trending. We created it over the span of several hours while using our best imitation of germanic body builder voices and declared it as ‘Pump-tacular’. Yeah, I(we) were juvenile as what else would you expect?

Well, our time came to an end and the tides came back in. Our once great monument went from Fab to Flab as it was washed away.

Wakanda Mount-Muscle Forever!

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