March 28 2019

1,183 words today

I’ve always known that my personality type is that of a provider. I do for others often before myself. It’s just a part of who I am.

*which is another reason I fought so much against the Demonic-Dwight. Life sucking anal-harpy.


My kids, as much as I love them, as little rat bastards that demand all of my time and resources. Its what kids do. I understand that.

(*not “head up their own ass” condescending Dwights)


The funny thing is that today. I got to sneak away and have some DAVE-TIME (Dr. Prescribed) and managed to, in the span of an hour+, get down close to 1,200 words for my Jessica story. The funny thing was it was uninterrupted time.

So… by leaving me the F-alone, I was able to be productive.

Huh… Go figure.



Gone are the days of being able to type away on my 11″ laptop on light rail twice a day for an hour. As much as I regret saying this, for other (anal-harpy) reasons, I miss those days.



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