November 28 2018

Today’s Story – The Price of Iron

Yes, it’s (The Iron Price) a rip of “the phrase” from GoT. I needed an idea to start the story and this what I used as my starting point. There shouldn’t be any further connection beyond the tagline.



The Price of Iron


Will didn’t want to join the space marines, at least not at first. He was on vacation in the Alps when the carbon scored iron chunk broke through the Earth’s atmosphere and obliterated Rio De Janeiro. His soul, along with everything he had ever cared about, died that day.

Globules of spittle flew out of the drill sergeant mouth, “You are all a bunch of fucking retards!” The sergeant, having found another victim, leaned in closer towards private Spencer. Private Spencer couldn’t but help start blinking as the sergeant’s continued verbal barrage rained onto his face and seeped into his eyes.

The sergeant noted the reaction and with a grin only reserved for true Sith lords, asked, “Am I making you uncomfortable Spencer?”

Spencer started to nod but Will, who was laying on his back due to his own transgression, tapped the back of Spencer’s calf with the toe of his boot.

The drill sergeant, having caught the motion of Will’s foot from his peripheral vision, spun on him. “You got something to say private Armond?”

Will, still straight-arming his partially assembled weapon over his chest, replied, “No drill sergeant!”

The sergeant stepped away from Spencer and stood over Armond’s chest so that his crotch was centimeters from Will’s elevated weapon. “I saw you tap your boot into the side of Spencer’s leg. You are either clumsy or a liar. We can’t have clumsy in the marine core. You could cause the unwonted deaths of marines. What’s worse than the killing of marines? A liar.” He looked up and around at the rest of the platoon who were still working on assembling their weapons. “A liar is the worst kind of scum there is, short of being a Dessloc. Desslocs are sneaky fuckers who throw whole mountains down and destroy cities like Rio De Janeiro. He looked back down at met Will’s horrid stare. “Yes, I read your file private Armond. I know all about why you are here.” He reached out and slapped the weapon from Will’s grasp. It struck the floor above his head and further disassembled itself. “You dropped your weapon private Armond, how clumsy of you.” The sergeant stepped off and moved down the length of the barracks. “You have KP duty for the next seven nights.”

Will wanted to jump up and beat the fuckers ass. How dare he use the death of his family like that. His mind was fuming with rage. He was on the verge of tackling the fucker and beating him to with an inch of his life.

The sergeant called back, “Now get up and finish putting your weapon together before you really piss me off.” He then changed course and headed towards the latrine. “Seems as if I need to use the head. By the time I get back out, I expect you all to finish having put your weapons back together… or else.”

Once the sergeant was out of earshot, Spencer now feverishly working on assembling his weapon, said, “Is it true? You’re from Rio?”

Armond said, “I’m not discussing it.”

A moment of silence went between them until the sound of a gaseous release of a bowel movement echoed out from the latrine area.

Spencer said, “What are you still doing on your back? He is going to bust your ass.”

Armond knew that he hadn’t been given permission to get up again. He had seen other squad-mates fall for double contradicting orders given by the training cadre. At least this way, even with his arms still extended, he was relaxing on his back.

“Do you want me to get you your weapon?”

Armond shook his head as he said, “No. He is setting me up again. I’m going to take it and not pull any of you into this.”

Spencer went silent but then asked, “Then why did you tap my leg, if you didn’t want to get involved?”

Another round of explosions echoed out from the latrine. It was followed by the sergeant yelling out, “Yippie ki yay mother fuckers!”

Will didn’t want to ponder the question. He was still too frazzled. A part of him also suspected that some part of him had survived that day, and it scared him.




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