November 5 2018

NaNoNoWriMo 2018 …

So I’m not doing it this year. I also didn’t do it last year (2017). I don’t recall if I did it in 2016? I do know that I did it in 2014 & 2015 and completed my 50K+ words days ahead of schedule.

This year? I’m taking a CompTIA Security+ class and it’s kicking my ass. I should be studying it right now but the muse of daydreams has my attention. I am her little bitch.

I know I haven’t put much attention into my blog or my writings over the past year. It’s just that my life has changed (again) and I no longer have the resources I once had. Sure I work four ten hour shifts a week but with my daughter being a lazy ass, and my son emulating her, most of my time is spent on damage control. It often results in doing what I can, which is never enough, and bringing my wife glasses bottles of wine.


I used to have my morning hour heading into work when I worked downtown. Now? I actually have more time, only its not regulated by myself, it’s more of a damage control thing where I’m constantly bouncing around to whatever new fire needs attending. [Cartoonish voice] You can call me captain kangaroo [/]

I have a secret.

It only took me weeks to figure out too (yeah… I’m slow). My textbook has a review section at the end of each chapter on the topics covered within it. I’ve elected to start skipping reading the bulk of the chapters (got time?) and instead to just focus on the bullet points at the end. Anything I don’t understand already (Hey, I do know a couple of Tings, one was my late cat. She was a rescue import from Tialand, hence the name).

Speeling is for ed10t’s.

I have another admission. I recently purchased (digital content mind you) an album from my youth and I’ve been playing the crap out of. I haven’t heard it played continuously in since the early 90’s. Listening to it now is bringing back a flood of memories and emotions that were long dormant. Yeah, the local radio stations play songs off of it from time to time but it isn’t the same continuous flow that I remember.

The album? How well do you know me? Yeah, I can feel the rolling of your eye thoughts from here.

(Eye thoughts? WTF Dave?)

It’s Hysteria by Def Leppard.

Am I experiencing a Midlife crisis percolating its way up?

Oh, and I also bought myself a new toy for work today. The Silver Surfer action figure.


It is going to look nice sitting next to my already purchased Infinity Gauntlet.



Life is busy.

Life is chaotic

Life is…










By the way, did you catch the extra “no” in my title? It stands for “NO”.

I know, I’m really subtle.

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