December 12 2017

Robot Crack

Way back in the day, nerdier high school years and the few following, I was really into playing role-playing games such as dungeons and dragons and Battletech. Yeah… I was a geek. Does it show? So jump ahead a few years and let’s go visit the America Live establishment on K street during the winter of 1993. I was back home over Xmas from being in the Army and some of my friends had taken me there as a welcoming home thing. Well as it turns out what they hadn’t told me was that they had a Battletech pod location there. For twenty glorious minutes I got to pilot a Mad Cat mech in all its awesome outer-sphere gloriousness. I was a god. That is until the game ended and I got my score card which showed me as having 5 kills to 4 deaths. Not a very godly ratio but I scored above 500 so that has to count for something, right? I still have that battle scorecard up in my attic along with all my other books and not touched in some time other geeky memoirs.

Oh, and… “Hi Dwight”

(I know you like to watch[READ] like the perv at the window)

*(I can’t believe some of the stuff people put on the internet)*


(I also really like pineapple… wait… pineapple flavored boobies?)

I AM WHO I AM and you… are a Dwight.


Anyway… I recently discovered an android game called War Robots and let me tell you, on my phone and tablet, it takes me right back to those awesome 1993 graphics in all polygon boxes. The android game actually looks better than the original Battletech game but this is my memory/story so suck it.

I’ve been playing this thing like a crack whore over the past week or so.

I know it will lose its fancy soon enough but still… the pixelated crack… it burns with such nerdy passion.

Now I still got in some words yesterday morning and today (does this also blog count?) I’ve now reached the last(?) chapter of my book where I’m having one of the surviving characters being brought out of a medically induced coma to have the outcome explained to them. Yeah, I know what your thinking, riveting stuff talking about writing about a person in a coma. Sarcasm is self-evident. Only I haven’t told you who or where or under what conditions they find themselves in. So it’s not much of a spoiler. Still can’t say it’s any more interesting (more self-deprecating sarcasm).

Okay, it’s now 7:10 and I got to start polishing this bloggy off and heading over to work.

(Looks at time on cell phone) Is it crack-thirty yet?




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