October 27 2017

Oct 27th… 44 apps so far this month

I was even gone for a week of it.

I’m trying…



On the bright side, I had three interviews (+1 2nd round) but so far no offers.


I think this brings my total applications to around 350.

So… this still begs the question… “what is preventing me from landing something?”

Is there something sabotaging me like a record in my file? Is somebody saying things of a dubious nature? Is it my own dumb ass mouth or skillset just not what they are looking for?

Hard to say.

(I wouldn’t put it past me to say something stupid from time to pancake)



I just know that eventually, with hard work, and a little luck (which I’ve apparently had none to have reached 350), I will eventually get something that can utilize my skills with while still being enjoyable.

(*Note to self: Stop using the pull-my-finger joke during interviews*)



what else…


I’m still plugging away on StarBabe (Yes temp title until something better crosses my mind). I would say I’m at etching closer to 50k. Can’t say for certain as I know it will happen and I don’t need to sweat the small stuff.


Still working on my front yard.

Last weekend I had to drive to Jackson in order to pick up an assortment(125) of bricks to finish up the border for my lawn. I didn’t actually place any in my lawn yet as it took an hour to get there, an hour to get the bricks loaded, an hour to drive back, and another hour to unload all of it. After dealing with the kids and all their “We want food” stuff my day was over with.


Thor movie. I can’t wait to watch that. It’s still a week away but I’m getting anxious 🙂




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