August 18 2017

Friday Morning

Howdy all,

Guess what today is? If you guessed (and are reading this on this particular day) that today is Friday then you are right (Yeah, it was a 1 in 7 chance).




I’m not sure what my weekend is going to be like but I’m going to try and finally get my wife to watch “Idiocracy” with me. Yes it is 2017 and that movie came out 12 years ago and she hasn’t ever seen it. I don’t want to spoil anything for those weirdo’s out there that haven’t seen it yet (that includes my wife) but Luke and Leia are brother and sister, and they kiss.

OMG, you just ruined my favorite TV show, BOOBS & MURDER. B&M is another show I’ve trying to get her to watch but so far she’s resisted that as well.


Aside from all this, I’m going to try and review/edit some peers stories as well.

Small interesting fact: In reading my peers’ stuff I’ve seen just how twisted other authors minds can be. We are all a bunch of crazies, just like everyone else but who is too afraid to admit it. 😛
I’m sure you have all heard something to the effect of “You can’t make this stuff up” when describing somebodies real life. Well, then you might have also heard the phrase “Write what you know”. Yeah, go ahead and put both of those together and get back to me after your mind has been through that Cthulhu-nator.

Another good writing piece of advice I have is about antagonists. You antagonist must truly believe what they are doing is just and they are ‘in the right’. My life, in recent months, has taught me so much about making this believable. Man talk about writing what you know 😛


Last night my daughter and I got into something of an argument as I asked her to go to bed and she kept saying ‘okay after this’. Several of those later I blew up on her. Being the diligent dutiful father I am, I yelled across the house ‘Five minutes til bed’, to which she replied, ‘okay.’ Well not long after I yelled, ‘two minutes til bed’ to which she replied again. Well I finally headed up stairs and went to her room and said, ‘get into bed’ and she said, ‘okay just one more thing’ and I waited… and waited… four things later I snapped at her and gave her a push onto her bed so that butt landed on the mattress. She was pissed but you know what, I didn’t care. The fight broke out at this point but I had passed the point of caring as she wasn’t listening. Reasoning with a person can only go so far if they are not willing to listen to reason. I had given her plenty of chances and bent to accommodate her but at some point, you just have to snap back at those that want to walk all over you.

Reason is apparently a limited resource in this world.

Take my Dwight for example. She decided to send out an email informing us about a change in what was going to happen for the day, which she NEVER DOES. I responded to her saying something to the effect of “Hey its nice of you to let us know about what to expect and thanks for sharing.” I can see her now complaining to high heaven about it for some twisted reason or another. The truth is she never shares anything with us about anything. We are often left to fend for ourselves. I could try and take the enlightened view that she took my compliment to heart but the truth of her villainy is that she will probably take it as some sort of attack as she is, in her mind, justified and persecuted.

I swear you can’t reason with crazy.

I guess that is another reason I enjoy reading and writing. It allows me to see the twisted realities of my peers who are all doing nothing more than ‘writing what they know’.





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