July 11 2017

Story for the night

“I can’t believe I was intimidated by…

… you” He shook his head as he looked up and away. His head came perilously close to striking the side of the blinking emergency exit logo sticking out above the rear door. He looked back down again at the six-year-old girl and added, “I can’t believe I was afraid of…” his tone deepened, “I don’t care who your father is and you can take your threats get the hell out off of my stage.”

Ashly’s gaze sharpened on him as she stretched up on her tippy toes, “Do you want to work in this city again or have you gone completely nuts? My father, once he finds out, will blackball you.”

The man tried to hide his growing smirk as he asked her, “Do you even know what blackballing means? I mean I get that you probably heard your father say it in his office but I seriously doubt you understand half of what you are saying.”

Ashly’s understood enough to know she wasn’t getting her way as her face started warming with blood fueled rage. “You will put me in the Zippy Corn Pops commercial and that’s final!” She crossed her arms as she turned and presented her back to the man.

He started chuckling again as he turned to walk away.

Ashly spun upon the man with all the rage of a spoiled brat that had never been refused anything over their life. Her arms went up as she lunged and wrapped herself around the man’s lower leg. She sunk her teeth deep into the man’s calf.

Sully screamed out in pain and became unbalanced. He toppled forward and struck his head against a countertop with a sickening thud and slid the rest of the way down to the floor.

Ashly, no longer feeling any kind of reaction in her victim, released her jaw from his leg and spotted the splattering and streak arcing down towards the floor. She then heard the air escaping out of Sully’s lungs as she paused in horror and realization that she might have killed again. Her father had told her never to mention the incident at the Taco Bell back in Santa Fee but couldn’t but help think this was a repeat of that day. As she got back up on her feet she heard and saw as Sully’s chest went up again as they brought in a fresh lungful of air.

She found herself smirking in grim satisfaction. No, she hadn’t killed the man but he might as well have been dead for his career certainly was.

She reached over to his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. She thumbed through it and took what cash he had on hand. She then took the wallet and tossed the rest of it into a nearby garbage can on her way towards the lobby. She pulled out her cell phone and called her father.

It rang twice before her fathers assistant answered in a placating voice, “Hello Ashly. Did you get the part?”

She snapped back, “Shut it Rick, where’s my father.”

Rick answered quickly, “He is behind closed doors-“

She cut him off, “Give him the phone.”

“He’s having a meeting with the head of-“

She snapped again, “I don’t care. Give him the phone or so help me-“

Rick quibbled, “Yes Miss Bieber! Right away Miss Bieber!”

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